Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Birthday in NJ

And here's proof of what my minions did for me on my special day! Gosh! I was beat after those two hours of talk and chat and cake and ice cream! I slept for 4 hours straight!

My day began a bit late... I kinda went to sleep late at Saturday night, so... Oh, well... You know you can't miss a beauty sleep! Anyway... Daddy woke me up and dressed me up while Mommy schemed something in the computer! What a surprise when I hear the voices of my family! I only got to see GrannyMillie, but I hear everyone: Nita, Marisabel, Sti, Maria, Gladys, Edna, Sonia... I heard everyone! They were happy and chatty, and sang for me my Birthday song! They blew on the candle that they had lit for me over there in the island! Gladys was bragging about the cake and ice cream, as usual... Maria commented on the cake that almost didn't make it with the right topping (sheesh! Imagine the cake without me on it, Outrageous!). So everything went well, I went back to my crib after taking off my special tu-tu, and I fall asleep instantly. What a day!

Thank you God for letting me live for so long, enduring all the daily challenges, and being surrounded by so much love! I am so lucky! I know that the right people surround me, in body and soul. I know I am here because of Your will, because I have a BIG thing going on... I am to teach so many things to others, and to acomplish so much, even if I am little!

God, guide my way so every step that I take is always the right one. Protect me and surround me with Your Love, as well as protect and embrace all of those who are around me. Bless everyone with Your compassion and hope. Thank you for granting me a new breath each day... For painting a smile in my face... For Life!

Allow me to give unto others all the blessings that You have given me. May I always know that the most important things are intangible and invisible. Thank you for answering so many prayers, and for granting miracles everyday.