Monday, September 8, 2008

Heart Rate Problems since Last Wednesday

Baby is resting, so Mommy takes over on this week review. September had a rough start. Last week was quite insane to say the least. Normal daily routines where altered as baby decided she needed even more attention so her heart rate was going up and down from 170 to 215… a not so fun rollercoaster.

Wednesday night was crazy and scary. The heart jumps were big, and although they did not maintain they were too high. We called her pediatrician and she advised to wait half an hour then if there was no changes to take her to ER. Upon reaching 1:45 in the morning baby kept herself around the 170’s, but as she fall asleep she only dropped to her 150’s which is not normal. At 7am she was still asleep, but her heart rate was hovering in the same 150’s. We decided to take her to ER for a checkup in case one of these was happening: cold/flu that may turn into pneumonia, heart problems, any other source of pain. We also thought about teething and constipation, but decided to check anyway… we are not doctors.

Thursday at ER... At least the experience was not as bad as the g-tube night event…They did an x-ray, an ECG and blood tests. We stayed there 8 hours. Nothing. Deedee’s heart rate danced over 150 but they said she was normal and that we should just monitor her… And with that we were sent home. Thursday night went smoothly (under the circumstances, heart rate going up but keeping under 180).

Friday night was not so nice, as ups and downs in different intervals kept us up all night. Saturday night was the same, until 5am. After a bowel movement she calmed down a bit, and we had to watch her the whole Sunday. At least Sunday night she fall asleep after midnight and the beeps of the Oximeter were because of the oxygen going to 94 on her deep sleep, which is normal. We finally had some sleep (6 hours, amen!), and today baby is still resting without any further event (fingers crossed).

So by now we believe it is all a constipation problem. Still, we need to keep on being wary… as the season changes that are beginning may make her sick. Teething is around the corner, and from other parents we have the warning that the high heart rates will also happen because of that. The fun is just beginning…

The splints guy is supposed to finally bring the splints today. Tomorrow there will be a reunion to gather the questions/concerns for Dr.Bach’s appointment in October. Later on will be the communications recap. She has a GI appointment on next Wednesday. I hope things get better by then.

So... Please pray for Deedee. Until we are certain of what is causing the ups and downs, it is all we can do.


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