Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Finally Bathing... in the Bath!

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Yes, last week our Deeva FINALLY got her bathing chair. After a quest to get a long hose showerhead, she finally got her first official bath... in the bathtub! Yay! Here is a slideshow about it... Enjoy! :)

And if you were wondering about DeeVa's teeth... Well, not only she has two front teeth... She got a whole bunch! 6 in total! Watch them LIVE here:

So what else is going on? DeeVa also got a visit today from the bed people, so now a nice position bed with "trendelemberg" features will be ordered and should arrive in a few weeks. That will help a lot in Deeva's respiratory treatment (and in matters of helping caregivers control backaches!). After the scheduled visit in Jan to Children's Specialized we expect to get a new stroller by March, and a stander to help with her physical therapy.

Many people have been generous with DeeVA, giving her some Xmas "stuffers". Thank you all, nurses, people from Early Intervention, SMA families, friends, and family! DeeVa is very excited to get her first official "Santa" visit. Last year she got many blessings, among them the gift of being alive (our Xmas miracle) and this year she finally got to see a tree with pretty lights, Xmas cards and so much people sending their love to her. She knows what is the true meaning of Xmas alright! We miss everyone from the island, but we know that we will go back sooner than everyone expects. You know how it is when you wish upon a star!

So... We would like to remind you all to take a moment this afternoon and remember and live within yourselves the greatest miracle of them all: The birth of Baby Jesus. Yes, it is not today for real, yes it all has been changed and commercialized... But just dismiss those thoughts and keep focus on how innocent things used to be... There are still good people in this world. There is still hope. And the Spirit of Xmas is alive in those who are righteous, courageous and good. Believe, Wish, Dream, and really Live.


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