Monday, September 7, 2009


And September arrived! The week began with TherapistPat arriving on time on Tuesday. I had a great session. I responded well to everything, and she feels that I am ready for much more. I was getting ready to go to my medical checkup, so the session was not as long... but it was great in matters of content. I've been showing off my making choices and paying attention. I need to hone those communication skills, I need everyone to know what I mean when I mean it!

So an hour later I ended up in the ambulance, to pay a visit to my pediatrician. As usual, Dr.Velickovic was a pleasure to deal with... but little did I know that she would end up giving me 3 vaccine shots! That was awful! That was on Tuesday and I'm still feeling it! And I have a mark in one leg to prove it! Besides that, the trip was nice and fast. I soon reached my room, and off to Zzzzz-land. These trips tax me a lot, you know, so I need my mandatory beauty nap.

Wednesday and Thursday were fairly uneventful. I follow my routine of waking up, making NurseMashaela read some books to me, getting my treatments, exercising, reading some more and watching Wonderpets. I'm getting into the routine of napping from 4pm to 6pm... Of course that is simply because doing so many things leave me exhausted! There is no rest for the wicked! I wake up in the early night, and then NursePeronette reads some more... And then comes the night treatment. Something always goes on.

On Friday Mommy went out during the day (that was VERY weird). The best part was that when she arrived, she had some stuff for me. She got me some crayons, some Play-Doh, and a small collection of DVDs. Well... I thought it was all for fun, then I realized that the DVDs are educational mumbo-jumbo dressed in sheep clothing... At first I was shocked. Just what Mommy think that she is doing? Brainwashing me to make people happy? Come on! As the night faded away, the Animals DVD had been drilled in my head... But in the end, it wasn't so bad. I actually had fun. And it all was a review of my flash cards and all the Baby Einstein stuff.

On Saturday NurseMashaela was on duty (a rare thing on weekends). Her stay was short, but I really appreciated it. I like having her around, she always makes things fun. Mommy had to go out, and when she came back she helped Daddy place me in the big room so we could watch my show together. That was fun. I kept singing to the show's songs, and chatting... even if Mommy fall asleep. I let her rest for a while, but when I wanted to watch something else I woke her up. Hey, it's all about me!

Sunday went on slowly and smoothly. Mommy and me had a spa session. she placed some green stripes on my hair with some bright beads, and then she lightened her roots. Yup, it was our official "beautification" day. That was fun, and it took the whole afternoon! I am starting to get the feeling that Sundays are the day to do the hard hair stuff. Hey, looking pretty is labor! Then I spend some time watching the Alphabet DVD... Loved the twists on the fairy tales stories. And so, a new week begins...

God: Thank you for all the happiness you bring into my life, for allowing me touch so many lives as well as for allowing me to receive so much love from them. Thank you for a humble home that is filled with warmth, for friends that always lookout for me, and for a family that doesn't forget me. Thank you for granting all the tools I need to grow smart, to grow strong. Help me achieve my simple goals: Communicating all I think, making Mommy and Daddy smile, showing the world that being different only means doing things differently and that life is precious and can always be lived to its fullest. Thank you for the miracle of life. May all other kids receive the same blessings that you have given me along with Health, Strenght, and Courage. Amen.

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