Monday, October 26, 2009


Yup, the secret is out... Now no one has any doubts about it... I'm singing and talking to my favorite friends, especially the WonderPets. Gosh, you should have seen Mommy and Daddy yesterday when the caught me offguard... I was minding my own business in the living room, enjoying my wonder people, and then I see two figures peeking at me from the kitchen... Kodak moment! Yup... no strong words are uttered, but I was repeating the songs and the dialogue and reacting to my show uttering the sounds that are the unmistakable equivalent. The sound that mimics the word "teamwork" leaves nothing to the imagination. I ignored my parents and kept on with the talking and singing for the rest of the afternoon... but I know they were very surprised, especially because I kept doing it... LOL It's been more than three days that I do it loud and clear so they finally realize that yes, it is true, I understand... I just prefer to have everyone guessing... I love the drama.

Besides this, I've been getting stuff so I am ready for Winter. The North Ward sent me some basics that I really needed, and Mommy complimented it with some stuff she got thanks to the Colombus Day specials. I am very happy with everything. I even got the stickers for the ceiling, so I can exercise my gaze as suggested by the OT. God definitively has blessed me with just the right amount of minions so I can really live.

Last week was non-dramatic, and I just kept chillin in my wagon and in the stander. On Friday my wheelchair arrived again, so now we are in the trial process to see just how useful and safe it is. This next week will be full of appointments and things to do... I will get my flu shot tomorrow, and then on Tuesday I will go to Helen Hayes to see the Speech Therapist over there (and that is a long travel). And then we will have the Halloween weekend celebration... I keep rollin'and i ain't stoppin'. But for now, enjoy this mini scrapbook of October:

I can't say my life is boring! And now I even have one little visitor that every now and then shows up and makes things interesting. I also discovered the VeggieTales, and I am starting to get into them... Hey, gotta give my minions a small break from the WonderPets! (although secretly I keep watching when everyone sleeps, shhhhh... that's a secret!). And I also got the news that my Godmother turned a year older... Hey! Where's the cake?! Come on! Birthday without cake is like a house without me! Send in the cake! (Mommy will liquify it in the blender so I can get it in my tummy, no problem). And to my Godfather: Have a safe trip back to Macondo, USA!

GOD: Thank you for keeping me safe, for the daily blessings that you send me, and for so many people that love me so much! Help those who need you, heal all those kids that got sick with that swine flu and other illnesses... Place Your hands over them and carry them, and make them feel your Love. Amen.