Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deedee Using Tobii-P10: Two Videos

As everyone knows I have a Tobii P-10 as a month trial. The time is almost up, so I decided to record how I use it so people can believe that yes I can actually use it. Right now I do simple things with it (after all it's only been one month), but with this I show I can manage the pages, make selections by blinking upon what I choose, and answer questions for easier communication.

Mommy made a page set so my communication board was completely customized for me by her... It is always handy to have a techie/programmer/illustrator in the house! The start page gives me the following options: How I Feel, About Me, My People, Needs, Fun Stuff, Where I Want to Go. All pages have Yes, No, Can You Help Me, Wait a Minute and Back to Main Menu.

Before filming the video I had chosen My Fun Stuff, then I selected Painting, and inside that page I decided to do so using a coloring book and fingerpaints. Here you can see me in action.

Here I went to the needs menu and selected clothing as the room was chilled and I wanted to get warm. I also selected a Disney Princess movie.


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