Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Three Kings Day!

Feliz Dia de Reyes! I celebrated this very special Hispanic tradition at home. Yes, I spent 5 days at PICU but thanks to so many prayers and proactive actions I was sent home early in the week. On Monday I got a special visit, Pastor Bill and a missionary also named Bill. They had tried to see me at home, but found just Mommy getting ready to come to the hospital. It was nice to have a visitor... All these years I've never had a visitor (besides my first hospital stay here, when I met Ethan and Emily). They brought me two books, which I devoured. On Tuesday Nurse Mashaela came to see me, staying for a while so I got to laugh a bit with her silliness. After she went away, Nurse Marie also came to visit me, and she got me two balloons! I was so excited about them! She got just in time to see me get ready to go home. It was cool to roll around the hospital with the balloons on my hands. Mommy was very concerned about the time we went home (6:00pm) as the temperature was hovering on 17 degrees... I was wrapped up like a burrito, rolled into the van, and then hurried home. I had a quiet night, and as soon as next day I was up for my respiratory therapy, school class, and even occupational therapy. Everyone was praising me for my focused attention and happy disposition. Yes, I missed this all very much.

I have been in special respiratory therapies mode to make certain that I don't get sick again. Nebulizers each 8 hours using Duoneb, along with CPT and cough assist. Today I went to see my pediatrician for my second shot of Synagis. Everyone was relieved that the day was warmer (around the 50's), so I went to my appointment, and then went home without any other events. In this case no news is good news.

As I arrived home, I noticed that the water bowl and the rice that I left last night for the camels of the Three Kings were almost empty! I thought they would not eat the rice, but I guess they were that hungry! At first glance I saw no gifts, but then as Mommy turned on the light I noticed a blue sack almost hidden between the sofa and the tree... It was filled with gifts for Kali and me! That was awesome! Kali did not waste time and immediately grabbed two gifts (never mind that one was mine), doing a happy Ewok dance of her own.

I guess that I got so excited that I almost choked myself. I had to go into my bedroom for safety, but Mommy and Daddy brought everything to my bed so I could open my presents. I was upset as I wanted to stay in the living room to open gifts with my sister... But then I say she was already in my room, just playing with some cars and paying attention to what I was doing... Seems that I am the biggest entertainment she has... Sometimes THAT makes me wonder... I calmed down, and the gifts reveal began!

This definitively made my day! Jewelry, silly warm socks, t-shirts, table games (family game nights, hint hint), Squinkies (this time Beauty & the Beast for expanding my collection), pop-up books (yay!), coloring books with stickers, singing Jasmine (wow and gasp, very cute), my very own remote control solar system (I think Santa and the Kings had something in mind... Santa brought me a video of a field trip to the planets, and now I get this... Hmmm), a Kailan bubble blower (I'm wary of bubbles but love the dragon), and a talking Kailan (these last two adapted so I can play with them on my own! And the talking Kailan... Hypnotized! Mesmerized! This deserved an awesome! Loved her so much I coulnd't stop playing with her until more than half an hour, and only because I had not watched TV for the whole day!!!).

Wow! So many cool things, all to keep me quite entertained for a long time! I had caution with the bubble blower, and I discovered that I could use it to play with my sister... I trigger it, blow... and she catches the bubbles. It works perfectly (that way she stays away from my mask). Mommy mentioned adapting the solar system's control so I can use it with my switches... Whatever, I know I will love watching it spin. Thanks to my godmother for that one! I promise I'll share it with Kali! And thanks to my Grandma Millie, especially for the bling and the bed covers she made for me.

Mommy noted that she got a note from the Tree Kings saying some special Bible videos were on the way, along with some switches for my adapted stuff. They were in such a hurry, and misplaced them in another sack a bit far from us. They said they'll deliver the missing stuff soon, to have patience and hope. They said they will probably mail things... taking the camels on such long walks too soon may dehydrate them. I didn't get upset at that. I used everything with my proximity switch, and played with everything else. I watched Dora's Three Kings Day special twice. I am happy with everything I have, but most of all I am happy I am home.

Being in the hospital made me re-evaluate all things that surrounds me... so many things that not many people have. I have a family that will do anything for me, anything to make sure I am well and healthy and comfortable and happy and divalicious. Yes, it is annoying how Mommy messes with my hair in the mornings... but I really missed it... It is a drag to get up early for the mandatory respiratory therapy, but it is what has kept me well and alive and strong for so long. My classes are demanding, but thanks to them I have learned discipline and how to be focused. My therapists keep me awake when I want to rest, but show me the value of perseverance and being steadfast. Strangers show me the value of what really matters, being open and friendly and helping expecting nothing in return...

I have many things to be grateful for. God has surrounded me with just the right people to help me reach goals and dreams, and to help me complete the big master plan that He has written about my life. I get mad, I throw tantrums... but I do acknowledge what is important is invicible to the eyes, and I know that in the end no matter what you do Love is the way. May this new year bring many blessings to my life... change towards something better, change towards certainty and bliss, change towards growth and amazement.

Thank you God for the miracle of life, for family and friends. Keep on carrying me in Your arms whenever I need You, keep on smiling whenever I do the right thing. Grant healing and happiness to so many that are sick and in despair right now. Grant us all peace, serenity, courage, and wisdom. Amen


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