Sunday, March 25, 2012

MaW First Visit!

MaW First Visit!
What I thought was a prank from Mommy and Daddy became something very real! Thursday and Friday they kept on explaining something about wishes, asking me the 4 basic questions: Do you want to be someone? Do you want to meet someone? Do you want to go somewhere? Do you want a specific thing? They kept telling me to think big, even if silly. I just thought they were just asking for the sake of asking... I played along, answering some of the questions, rolling my eyes whenever something seemed silly... Now, imagine my surprise when two young ladies came to visit me on Saturday to ask me about what I wanted to wish for! I froze... So... it was not a big joke? It was not my parents being silly? It was not a game? Wow, this is a real thing! I became so nervous! I even told mommy that I was scared! All I could think was "Wow! With great power comes great responsibility!". I gazed upon my minions as they exchanged words about what I said I liked and not... This comes as a big surprise! What a big day! And the possibilities that I heard really really floored me!

In the core I can be such a girly girl, even if I try to play things tough. I still love Wonder Pets, I don't think that love for my BFFs will ever die. I told mommy and daddy I would like to visit an animation studio. I like Kai-Lan, tolerate Dora... I can even show some kind of affection for the Gabba crew and Blue. But I definitively insisted on two things that would be out of this world: Meeting Pocahontas, and meeting Mulan. These two gals inspire my life with their courage, strength, and their wisdom and love. Of course I wish to go where they are... And meeting all the other characters I love would be a plus. I don't grow tired of Nemo and Simba. I enjoy so many things that fall under the category of all things Disney. Ariel was once right there just with my BFFs... but I no longer want to be "part of the world above"... I know I already am. And I now I can make change happen. And that is just what Mulan and Pocahontas did around them... they changed everything. I can change everything. I am just getting started!

I  enjoy nature and animals so much, and I got the idea that perhaps I could even swim with dolphins (hey, they told me to wish big). That would be an out of this world thing that I would never forget! I even thought of wishing being in a zero gravity room, just like the astronauts... so I can move. I guess that is the core biggest dream of all kids that cannot move on their own... Being in the water with dolphins helping out, or floating as if in space can make that happen... Still, having Mulan and Pocahontas hug me can be quite priceless in itself! Choices, choices!

I still have time to think things through... I will make my big wish after I visit the Wishing Castle. I've heard amazing things about it, and it should help me get a sound idea of what I want... the biggest thing I want! I should make that big choice/decision in April. Right now... my head is just spinning with ideas, as it all really took me by surprise! It was not a joke! I was granted a big wish! And I have the certificate to prove it! How cool is that!

Watching movie, using Tobii, holding Pocahontas
This was the biggest top of the world event this week. While the wish was cooking, Mommy also worked on getting some paperwork for hippotherapy and aquatic therapy. Soon we will all know if the efforts really work. These two therapies would definitively enhance my progress in school matters, along with many other benefits. I don't understand all the details, but Mommy and Daddy do... so I trust them.

The next few weeks should be eventful as well: IEP reunion, Holy Week, visiting the castle, Mommy's birthday, doctors appointments... And I hear things that are brewing but I am not to know yet. The mystery! Oh, I really dislike not knowing everything that is going on! But I really like knowing that so many cool things are happening as I speak, and that I have many things to look forward to... So many people are working to make sure I get all I need, and to make sure that I feel their love as well! I keep on being humbled almost everyday with so much kindness. I promise to work hard, and to do things that inspire others. It is the least I can do.

Me and my sister Kalisto
God: Thank you for all the things that have taken place the last couple of weeks... You had all these surprises planned just for me! You don't cease to show me just how much life is worth living, and just how much You expect of me! Help me keep on with courage, so I keep going through thick and thin. Make me an instrument of You. Help me understand Your will. Help me understand Your sacrifice through Lent, and the gifts You grant us all through Jesus. Please keep the Sniezek family in Your arms, granting them the serenity they need through the hard times they faced. Keep all of us in Your arms, fill all of us with Your love. Amen.

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