Monday, August 13, 2012

Sesame Place

Talk about having an awesome time! Just when I least expect it, and from the park I really was not so thrilled about... This weekend my parental units took me beyond the final frontier, and so we reached Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. Wow! Even the Taco Bell nearby was excellent in both food and service. I guess that was the first omen that the day was going to be... perfect.

We found parking just in front of the entrance, we met new friends at the gate, and then we went in. My sister was antsy and started screaming of course, so Mommy decided the first stop had to be the kiddie pool...

Kali went first, and had Daddy running around. She was saying hi to everyone, quite on their face. Me, I thought that I would just watch and just enjoy the breeze... but no. Daddy placed my wheelchair just before the waterline begins and took me from the wheelchair into the water!

Oh my! I had no idea what he intended to do... I just know I went down but my arms floated gently as my legs felt the floor...

Kali splashed around me, soaking my face... But afterwards she would run away and come back to sit in front of me and blow me kisses. Awww... She is a pain, but at the core she really loves me.

Daddy stayed with me for a while, then changed places with Mommy (who got tired of chasing Kali around). Soon enough admirers started to gather and ask questions.

I can't lie, I love the attention. I really love how the kids don;t make a big fuss after they have their answers and just go on. And I love how some people get to learn how important it is to make every second of your life count. I was so relaxed I just didn't want to go...

Mommy checked the clock and seems it was time to move on. She had scheduled our adventures, but little did she know that plans would be rewritten... not a bad thing, actually. After getting dried up and changed, we all went searching for... a place with a show... We passed by Murray and Oscar, just when they went into a break... Nothing was going to start soon, so we all wandered and drooled over the Count water castle. On our way back from watching all the other water rides we spotted that Bert and Ernie had appeared, so Daddy went on to take a turn.

We took pictures with Bert and Ernie, and they were so nice to me! They kissed my hands and signed that they love me. I was always mad at some of the Ernie videos about parts of the face that I see constantly, but now I think I can tolerate them better. We went on as we were looking for other characters to greet. Since we were walking staring at the map we didn't realize who was actually walking by our side: SUPER GROVER!!!

Now THAT had to be the highlight of the afternoon. Mommy and Daddy were at first shocked and then they were screaming "Super Grover, OMG Super Grover! OMG, You don't get cooler than that!". I was so embarrassed! Well, I was the first one to take pics with Super Grover, and the whole excitement lasted quite a while... (may I say it still lasts...). I gotta say that was a definitive mood booster!

We all went in the quest of finding more characters... reaching the entrance. Seems we took a wrong turn... So we went back, discovered where the Sesame Studios was... The show had already started... and Daddy realized Kali had lost her blankie (the horror of it!). After a 10 minute intermission to find the missing blankie, we went to the 123 smile place to see who was there...

And so I met one of the big legends... Big Bird! I was actually excited to see him. Kali did not care... but what can you expect, only brainy kids would love Big Bird. Since I get the bird and his jokes, I really enjoyed this meet and greet. Way cool!

After this I went on to meet the most recent star, Elmo. I am still on the fence about Elmo... I like him sometimes, I hate him most of the times (such an annoying voice!). But it was cool to see him in person. Very loving... as expected. I rolled away so my sister could have a moment...

And a moment she had, indeed! Out of her stroller, and she ran to Elmo. Hugs, big smiles, jumping and dancing. She really REALLY digs the furry red creature... Sigh, it figures... It is as annoying as she is! Birds of a feather flock together. I am just glad she finally behaved like a human... And the Kodak moment floated away...

Actually Kali remained in a good mood, even if her stroller got busted. Going back I had some food and we realized the big jungle gym for kids is humongous!

We all had a snack, and miracle, miracle: We were in time for the next Elmo's World show. So... We got in to see a show! The quest is over!

I felt as if I were VIP in this place... I thought I would not enjoy the show much (I was not an Elmo fan) but... Wow! Seeing things close and personal can change... opinions... I was enthralled for the whole show.

He actually came to me like three times, I think he remembered me from the picture session... It all got my attention as the TV show never had! I did not fall asleep, and wondered about all the magical things that went on right in my face!

Kali was definitively digging the show. No squeals, but actually answering the host! I am amazed. Whoever makes the tiny terror behave and smile and be happy is much OK in my book!

After the show Mommy announced it was 8:15pm, and so we began our journey towards the "right spot" for the parade. Mommy parked my wheelchair behind this lady that was in the floor (like many others... That really surprised me... So many people making a big long line in the floor at both sides of the main row...). It was really sweet that the lady made sure no one would stand before me, so I could see everything. And so, the parade began. Mommy kneeled at my side, explaining all that was going on, whispering all details in my ear... I get it, Mom, you are definitively a fan! Geesh, I tell you, this woman knows these details about the characters and their origins... Daddy took video of the parade. I loved the part were the first float bursts with tribbles falling everywhere! Well... whatever a tribble is... I just heard Mommy saying "orange tribbles, orange tribbles" while laughing. I think after this I certify Mommy needs therapy...

The parade was so much fun! I fought sleep (I go to sleep around 7:30pm now). I enjoyed the lights and the music! I loved the fairies and the dancing and the happiness it all made everyone feel. It is so different than watching You Tube videos... Nothing beats actually been there... Anyway, the parade ended, and the spell o enchantment began to fade. It was time to go home.

We reached our car, went to get some food, and headed home. It was a long journey, and I was so tired! I really was glad to get home, as I finally allowed myself to close my eyes... And dream of happy monsters and kind humans.

I really hope that we can go back to this place soon. I felt really special and important... Everyone acknowledged me and smiled... And it felt genuine. A place were my sister is happy, and I am happy, and Mommy & Daddy are happy: Priceless!

God, thank you for making sure we were all safe and sound. Thank you for protecting all of us and for so many caring people that you send our way. You have given me the best birthday gift there is: my family. They may be crazy, but I would not have it any other way. This Summer has been simply the best!


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