Sunday, December 1, 2013

Always with Us

Always with us, always present. A year and one month went away, yet we feel you rigt here, right now. Through the tides your wings lifts us up... The never-ending woe of not being able to hold you in our arms brings on overwhelming sadness... But the thought of you, free of machines, free of a wheelchair, free to do as you wish, gives us strength to carry on. We do carry on, in your honor. We have not forgotten anything. We have not forgotten the promises. We have not forgotten what is important, what we fight for...

You know for your Anniversary we did the wall of your 2012 travels... For Thanksgiving we did the wall for 2011. The images of you all around us gives our hearts a warm embrace... although bittersweet. We miss so much those lovely smizing eyes... We love you, Dee... Always.

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