Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3RD Year From The Day You Earned Your Wings

It is the eve of the day in which you earned your wings.

Time keeps running out for all the things I set out to do, places keep changing, people keep materializing and vanishing, dreams keep coming back to inspire and haunt and to lure into belief and hope.

What are we to do now... The forks that divided the river takes us deeper and farther, the waters keep running so fast and with such strength...


Bring us just some stillness.

Bring us time to feast our eyes on your beautiful face and your beautiful eyes... Bring us time to take flight with you and enjoy the world as your eyes now do.


And courage to face each day with a sunrise that just signals a burning star that is so far away yet brings us much warmth...

Warm stillness... Warm cozy, gentle and swift wind that blows clouds of memories that we hold on to as if soft strands of your precious hair were just there waiting for glam and some sparkly pizzazz and colors of rainbows and dreams and unicorns and super-hero pets...

Stillness... Past, present and future in multiples paths playing multiples games and all ending up in just one... One you. One me. One us. One infinity that will always be connected and will always find courage and go on... Raising from the ashes... Raising from what some will see as imminent defeat.

One piece of infinity lived here on Earth is nothing compared to the infinity in which we'll hold each other's hands and in which we'll loose each other into each other's gaze...

We are but one soul. Different lives. Different bodies. Different stages. Different flights. Always one soul.

Always alive within me.

Alway alive in me. Around me. Forever. Peace and stillness...

Three years have been stolen from our human time together... Fly onwards into new worlds, with the freedom and joy you deserve beloved child.

But do come home... In the end,





I love you, my dear diva.

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