Friday, December 25, 2015


Another Christmas upon us... It was beautiful when we woke up and Kali said Merry Christmas Mommy, followed by a Merry Christmas Daddy... and then an unexpected Merry Christmas Deedee while looking up to the ceiling. Angel Deedee is always around, with us. Knowing this, and that Kali acknowledges it, may be the only true comfort. Love never dies.

And love is exactly what keeps Deedee alive with us. We did all that we did because of love. Deedee was always surrounded by love. The world was cruel and harsh, but she knew kindness and she touched many lives both nearby and far away... 

Life without our Deedee has been a different journey that doesn't quite feel right. We ache to hold her in our arms... to see her thrive and accomplish so many things... Why was she so fascinated by sharks? Would she have become the digital artist that she wanted to be? Would she have turned to science instead? Would she still love purple, three years later? Would she still wake up at 4 in the morning to have mommy sleeping at her side? What new dreams would she have aimed for? How many people would have fallen under her spell?

I miss my diva.
I have no words to describe how much I wish for her, everyday. 
Life goes on, but nothing is the same...

This would have been Deedee's 8th Christmas with us. It is her 4th Christmas in Heaven. 

Here I leave you some memories from our beloved diva. 


At the hospital, fighting for her life

Newark, NJ

2009 PART 1
2009 PART 2

2010 PART 1
2010 PART 2
2010 PART 3

Deedee's Night Before Christmas

1st Christmas in Heaven
Mayaguez, PR

Merry Christmas, Deedee. 
Keep watching over us... Until we meet again, my little one.
You hold our hearts.

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