Friday, August 24, 2007


After a lenghty labor, a C-section was performed, and at 8:48pm Deirdre Valeria saw the light of this world...

Not little at all, she weighted 8 pounds 15oz. and was 21 inches. When the doctor took her out he seemed surprised at that... Gee... Like I didn't knew what was coming...

Anyway,we has some visitors... Family and friends... LightShadow, Groundel, YoungGranny and the two Youngaunts arrived on Saturday morning, followed by Auntie and MommyDearest in the afternoon. Coriolis made it on Sunday's afternoon, followed by Cook, Cock & the Chicks at night.

Monday morning, finally released from the hospital... Amen!

Will write more details later on... We are all staying at Auntie's place because of my Rosered house issues (bathroom on 1st floor, bedroom on 2nd floor, no water, blah blah...) so after a week I was FINALLY able to login and update this place...

Summing things up, some of everything was beyond bad, some was good and one was great. The mage has been at my side all of the time, taking care of both Deirdre and me with more than diligence... He has made it all bearable, for it all has been pretty rough on me. The hospital experience sucked, they left me with labor pains for almost 12 hours knowing it all would end in a Cesarean, and the original plans for breastfeeding are slowly going down the drain thanks to hospital rules... Been quite mad, quite pissed... Only two people have been able to make me smile through the storm... The mage and Deedee.


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