Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Three weeks later, here's a glimpse at my DIVA! So far, so good... On her last visit to the pediatrician, last Wednesday, she got her ears pierced. So now she has beautiful rubi-red earrings that complements her lovely eyes. She weighted 9 pounds 11oz, so she'gaining weight fast enough.

Went to WIC on Friday, and got her approved for aid until January. After 4 months she should start food, blah blah. I have been failing at breastfeeding, but will keep on trying over the next 2 weeks. I'll call it all off by the 15th if I have absolutly no success, no point in torturing myself or Deedee.

Deedee has been keeping Daddy up all nights... With that comes her crying, and he definitive call for attention. Just like her mother, an attention whore... Sheesh! The mage will have his hands full for some long 20 years... LOL...

Reading the What to Expect The First Year book. Got all the facts for breastfeeding, just need SOMEONE's cooperation, and to try harder and more frequently (which is hard for me, I get drained and tired too fast). Recuperation as a whole may take longer than I expected...


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Christine said...

Tell your friends and family that you are on breastfeeding bedrest for the next two weeks - doctor's orders (what they don't know won't hurt them). Ask for them to make a few meals or help out with some errands. Ask them to get you some videos and books on tape. Treat it just as if you are on bedrest during pregnancy. Spend that time just hanging out with your baby and breastfeeding - don't do anything else except listen to some great books, watch some good movies and talk to/hang out with your favorite people.

If you have to supplement, use a Lact Aid ( or other lactation aid. Your baby will be suckling at your breast, even while they are getting any required supplementation. That will help to increase/maintain your supply.

Don't worry about the house. Don't worry about the laundry.

AND HANG IN THERE! Ask for help. If I could go back ten years and do this with my oldest child, I would ... in a heartbeat I WOULD!!