Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Diva update

Ok... For baptism the mage and I must go to a meeting... One is tonight but I don't know... Going alone is not too enticing (the mage is working at nights)... So we'll take it elsewhere during a weekend. That should give the designated fairyoddparents the time they need to get their Confirmation Certificates (get it at the office of the church where you baptized, they make it in less than 15 minutes). So... We will get the info of next meeting and attend, and then get a baptism date since the priest seemed flexible enough to say it could be done any other day. There is also the October 27th groupal baptism... So there are many choices, no stress. That should also give me time to get a nice attire for our Diva.

Midday... Diva sleep at its full effect, and slave hungry... And hunger gets what hunger wants! :P


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