Monday, September 10, 2007

As days go by...

Oh, its VERY hard to keep track of events and the like when days fly away faster than a speeding bullet. Almost no time to spare besides taking care of Deedee and trying to rest and trying not to forget my meals. The girl now drinks 4oz almost every 4 hours. Gave up on the breastfeeding issue since in any case is not sane and convenient for our situation... My being constantly exhausted and with allergy/cold/sinus didn't help the issue. But she seems happy. Daddy has been pampering her almost 24/7, and mommy has been reminiscing lullabies and cute songs she knows by heart. It is exasperating that each time Deedee feeds she tries going so fast she gets gas and then it takes 1 1/2 hours to take them out... But I guess it's all part of the process... May be a devilette at times, but then she stares at you with those lovely greyish eyes and your heart simply melts as if being gazed by an angel. Ahhhhh... See? Even I can say something cute every once in a while...

Planning to baptize her this next weekend. If there are no issues, the mage will fill the card today and I will attend tomorrow's meeting... It should be on Saturday afternoon at 2pm in Fatima. The mage and I decided the fairy-odd-parents should be people really involved with Deedee, not just strangers in the family. So, we asked LightShadow to be the fairy-odd-mother since she was the first one to jump up and down with joy when she got the news, and ever since has always been orbiting Deedee with genuine care. We decided the fairy-odd-father should be Coriolis, since he has been so excited about the Diva, got her tons of clothing, travelled to see her in the hospital and has even hurt his reputation as a sour old man by showing a pic of himself with the Diva... Now, to see if something else must be done or paid. I didn't stop to think she'll need a christening attire, so I guess that will be the emotion of the week... Whatever. She can pull of simple diapers and look stunning! (Ok, some pun intended there... LOL)

Smoldering temptress! Superstar!


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