Sunday, February 24, 2008


Oh, our DeeVA has brainwashed us with Finding Nemo and everything Julie Andrews! The songs wont get off our heads!!! And she knows it, I tell you, she knows it! She looks at us while giving us that smirk of glee that just makes you want to eat her up... with kisses!

This weekend Mommy and Daddy went to make the preparations at home for the big travel ahead. Washing clothing, sorting out what to take or not, calling people to move things up from one house to the other... Busy times, no time to rest. Meanwhile, baby rests at her room on Intensive Care, dreaming of flying fishies that keep swimming no matter the odds... Fishies just like her! We should get answers on Monday from the people who can make things possible... Send good vibes to us, keep up with the prayers so things move forward and we keep on having the courage and strenght to do what we must!


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