Monday, February 4, 2008

Second Extubation Attempt

Today we had many plans... but since I took some time venting on a chat, we were off to the hospital a bit late (and who knew, thank God for that!). We arrived in time to put The Sound of Music and fly off to take the infamous CPR class... Ok... So basically what the vet taught me about applying CPR on kitties is the same as CPR for babies... Actually it was that kitty CPR that saved Deedee as I reacted in time thanks to my kitty training... Anyway, after the class, to PICU again. And it was then that the "fun" began.

The doctor went on with the extubation plan for today, as he said the baby's X-Ray was "picture perfect". Drama began trying to set the best full mask that would prevent leakage... After a while one that could do the job appeared and fulfilled its destiny. The problem was the doctor who had to be attached to it... as it was an ambu mask... so no way to hold it except holding it manually. One of the therapists came up with the " use the spider mask" solution, and so far that has been the best option. From 3pm to 9pm Deedee kept her oxygenation high between 97 and 100. They were giving round of cough assist and suctin every 2 hours. The physical therapist was satisfied with the work that the cough assist does on secretions. Deedee seemed to be sleeping, but we know that the mask is a bit too big and may be bothering her if she opnes her eyes... So everything is in observation. We wont chant "Success!" until she uses a nasal BiPap. Right now she's at 60% Oxygen, and so needs to be weaned to normal ambience. It is high to compensate for the mask leakage, but it has to go down... hopefully little by little. We'll see what happens next.

Besides this drama, some action has been taking place in matters of what to do about transfer to USMainland. We contacted the social worker at Wisconsin and he's working to get us solutions. We are very happy and very grateful for his fast reply and even faster solutions quest. While this goes on in Madison, I contacted my brother who lives in Newark so he can try gettig a hold on the social worker over there. Mark's dad was also following that quest. I find it strange that NJ social worker has not contacted me in a whole week, so nothing better than personal face to face interaction to see what is going on and what can be done. I need a green light from a hospital before I go full force on the transfer quest. So far the best vibe is Madison, but who knows... Whatever happens, it is all in God's hands and it will be the best thing for Deedee.

So, please pray for Deedee, so she gets used to BiPap and can go on. Also, send prayers for everyone who needs a small miracle in their lives... Small miracles make the BIG difference!

Thank you all for the ongoing support and hope. LightShadow, you are the best spiritual mom around! Coriolis, thanks for the shelter, we apreciate this trouble as we know you are a lone wolf... but lone or not you have a pure heart that only a few know. Groundel, thanks for your constant caring for Deedee, we know you love her much, your prayers mean a lot. To family and friends, thanks for helping out in one way or another, physical and spiritual. Everything helps. Everything is very much needed. Thanks to God for granting us each morning the chance to guard Deedee... Our precious DeeVa.


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