Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Extubated on Sunday, On BiPap so Far!

Sunday: Deedee was extubated on the morning. They put a nasal mask, and (miracle, miracle!) baby kept her mouth shut. She was a bit distressed at first, startled and completely annoyed... But an hour later she sleeped peacefully and numbers showed up with good news (Oxygenation between 95-98, heart rate within 150-180). We stayed in until midnight with her, but since she was doing so well we decided to go home and sleep. We know we'll need to be wide awake and alert for what is to come.

Monday: What a hazzle to get to the hospital! It was raining, and we had to wait for almost an hour for the bus... Being car-less is NOT funny! Anyway... Baby was very interested in watching her favorites, and her numbers were too good to believe them (99-100 oxygenation, 130-150 heart rate). The social worker and the case manager reunited with us to keep things running. Social Security gave us their appointment for April 8th, Medicaid for April 16th.

Tuesday: Baby keeps on with good... outstanding numbers (98-100 oxygenation, 120-140 heart rate). DeeVa got a visit from infamous drBach, who told us she should wean to no mask on daytime and use the mask at nights and when necessary as she's with perfect oxygenation, breathing on her own. For the time being, they will keep the mask on until her left side lung's atelestasia improves more. Feeding stopped being continuous, now is every 3 hours. Calories were lowered to 20. We also got the quotes for Deedee's equipment, which cost was halved (everything helps). Daddy got his driver's license today, Mommy will try next week.

Baby is doing just fine. We still can't believe it. She seems content, alert, happy... She is doing well on the bipap, and the prospect of her using it only at nights is simply a big thrill. It is more than we expected. Everything has been more than we expected. The people surrounding us, helping us... So many angels sent to show us the way, to make things move and come true! It all has been hard, and it will be hard for a while, but everything we knew that should be done IS BEING DONE! And it is a great feeling to actually get to know that yes, you were right all along, you had the right idea... and your efforts have not been wasted.

We get the greatest reward each time our DeeVa looks up at us and smiles. Whatever happens now, it will all be fine. Our lives are in God's hands, so we trust His will. And we will keep on fighting... Belief, faith, trust, will, and above all, love.

Our little mage keeps spreading her charm everywhere she goes. The story goes on...


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