Sunday, April 13, 2008


Mommy has been down with the sickness... Yup, she finally showed up to see me at the hospital today. She was with a bad flu ever since last Tuesday, with fever and chills and all... The climate has not been good for her... And the hospital didn't want her around spreading her ewwwww germs especially to me!!!

So, the big news is, DEEVA will be going home on Monday!!! yup, I will finally be able to go home... Finally I'll see my new apartment, my new room, my new craddle, my new Ariel and friends surroundings... The excitement never stops! I've been able to stand some days some 30 minutes without the mask, two days ago I was without the mask for 1 1/2 hours! So, tomorrow i'll have an appointment with Doctor Bach before i go, and then... All will be in the hands of mommy and daddy...

The Early Intervention people contacted mommy and will go visit me on Monday 21 to evaluate me... hopefully I will get everything I need. It's all a whole new world! Daddy has to go to Wellfare tomorrow very early in the morning, and on Wednesday he has an appointment at Medicaid. Mommy has been submitting some jobs to see if something appears... daddy's official job search will begin a week after I am home.

I'm exhausted now... All this attention and all this good drama takes every drop of energy that I have! Well, gotta go have my beauty-diva-sleep. Gotta keep the charm spell working!


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