Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Diva and her Wagon!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Last Wednesday my therapists brought me a gift from a group of kids that heard about me. As a special project, their teacher asked if they could raise enough money to get me a wagon! Wow! And guess what? I've got a big brand new red wagon, big tires so I can rock'n roll in all terrains! That's the most awesome thing that has happened to me since getting off the hospital! It's so cool being able to actually see the complete apartment in detail! Can you imagine? I just found out that Nemo was hanging out next to my bedroom door! And I just noticed Tinkerbell, flying near the window! It wasn't just Ariel and me, a whole bunch of my other favorites have been everywhere but I had not been able to see them, until now! It's so exciting! And now mommy can take me everywhere without needing help with the oxymeter and the suction machine. And I am at a comfortable height so she can read to me, side by side! Oh, and it's comfy too! Mommy put that fleece that the FSMA sent me over two pillows and it's just perfect for me. I can do everything being comfy and relaxed. This is the life! I've been stretching and doing my exercises. Soon someone will come to measure my feet... I've grown so much my foot splints don't fit anymore! And I also know that they are scheming something about a chair, stroller... something... I don't understand well, as they go away into the infamous computer room to discuss things so I will get big surprises... Oh, well... I don't like being kept in the dark, but surprises are FUN. And as long as I get fun, everything is sweeeeeeeeeet!Daddy is trying out a new job, and Mommy is scheming something around her talents... In the meantime, my minions serve me well, and I get all their love and attention. Oh, the things they do for me!
I am so lucky to have just the right amount of people who love me so much! God blesses me each day, filling my life with happiness, peace and love! I pray others are as happy as I am. And I pray I can always be like this, courage in my heart and a smile in my lips! Now, to sleep...


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Bug said...

Little Diva you are just too cute and I love all the new pictures of you and your wagon, very very cool!! you keep being beautiful and play hard with all those very fun toys!!! Big Hugs Sheila and Sky