Monday, November 17, 2008

Causing a conmotion?

The past two weeks have been full of commotion. Not because of Deeva, but because we changed the nursing service. Long story. At least now we are getting the weekends covered, sort of. Still a work-in-progress in that matter… Not everyone wants to work on weekends.

Deeva’s illness flew away. She’s been really happy these last couple of days. Besides her Princesses, Disney movies, Baby Einstein and Candy Candy routine, now Conan and She-Ra have been added to her daily entertainment. Talk about controlled TV! LOL Well, I think most agree that the 80’s shows were more constructive than todays ones… And we definitively want our Deeva to know the beauty of being “ochentoso”. Next in line are Jem & the Holograms and Mazinger, but first we need to find them.

No doctors appointments until Friday. She has an eye doctor date. And next Monday she has a pediatrician date. Hopefully nothing else will happen this week. Early Intervention shall try exploring a Speech Therapist soon. And we have a date in Children’s Specialized for the beginning of Jan, so new choices for equipment are available.

Deeva’s lower jaw teeth are showing, so that has been making her a bit uncomfortable. Besides that, everything looks good. Hoefully, Thanksgiving will be another nice day to remember. Get those forks ready for turkey!!!


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