Saturday, November 1, 2008

It was the day before Halloween...

And all through the house
were running up and down
trying to get Deedee's sats
to stay up and about!

Ahh! Yup, we began using the nebulizer and the Rubinol pill, but somehow all seems to be worst, not better. The plugs are thickened and the secretions keep coming... On Thursday morning the sats would not go beyond 93 for a while, so we called up the pulmonologist and she asked us to go to ER to get a culture and Xray just in case. So... We went through the lovely routine of calling 911, getting ready 9this time with food and all, in case we had to stay) and off we went. Thank God that the ambulance crew was one that had already handled us... Great guys! So we got to ER, and we were placed on a sick bay. Everything went as usual, the wait was a bit long but we are used to it... NurseGlenna stayed with us, so we had both moral support and something interesting to hear (she has many real stories to tell).

Anyway, after having a picnic at ER, an Xray that looked a bit blurry to us but ok to the local doctors... and getting negative results for Deedee's tests (RSV and FLU), we were sent home. We are to do Nebulizer and whole cpt/vibration/cough assist every 4 hours until things get better, plus Rubinol each 8 hours... Ok, sounds like a plan... Right...

Thursday night was a nightmare. Mommy tried to keep up helping Daddy with the whole thing, and the new routine kept us up all night. The beepings are such a lovely melody... So Halloween crept upon us with a trick... A spell of Sleeplessness. As the "Corpse Bride's" song goes, sleep is "uninportant, OVERRATED!". At least we got a small break as NurseGlenna arrived. We did everything routine, then went on with the "Super Heroe Plan". Yes, we were very tired, and the situation is very stressing... So when there's high stress, you should also do some high unwind! LOL

By 1:00pm we were all into our secret identities. Wonder Baby stole the show (even if for a while she was more interested in Ariel). WonderMommy and Flashito were also a hit. Even a Go-Go dancer made an appearance as the damnsel in distress! And Therapist Pat came in as Justice League representative to make sure we didn't eat candy, just pretzels, and to keep WonderBaby in shape. We all defeated the evil Cat-Kitty... (Ok, we needed a villain so bear with us). The evening got to an end and every child was sent home... And back to our secret identities (and being designated slaves to our beloved Deeva).

The rest of the afternoon and night we've been following the 4-hours treatment scheme, but secretions and everything seem the same. The night was lovely, long... We went to sleep almost reaching the dawn. Mommy had to force herself to sleep as she was not feeling well, so she took Benadryl to go to lalaland. Daddy was in charge of Deeva for the morning.

During Saturday's evening we decided that nebulizing so much has not done much but to increase bad plugs. So, we decided to try giving the complete Rubinol and skip a nebulizer. On the last treatment things went better. Lungs are clear. Still, the hovering between 94-96 is unnerving. By daylight there is no beep, but at night is party all night... We'll see how it goes after midnight. So far, it all seems a copy of yesterday. At least she is not getting worst. We have to keep this up until Monday, when she must go see the pulmonologist at midday. At least that date did not took long to plan.

We may be targeting the wrong thing... What if Deedee is allergic to something in the environment? The change in climate is sharp and very bad. Some days its 45 degrees, other days 70. No stability... Although we try to keep the temperature constant in her room and within the apartment. But, Mommy is allergic, and has been with bad sinus... What if baby also has sinus? We'll see on Monday. So far she's been fighting it all... as the WonderBaby she is... We all know it is NOT a secret identity after all.


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