Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yup, good times are rolling allright! These last two weeks have been blissful, quiet, fun, blessed... You name it. Just what I needed after such a bad start of the year... Summer days are coming, and the days are warmer and cozy. Much better for me, I look forward to many good things!!!!

Ash doesn't stay behind when it comes to show off while looking pretty. Here she is posing, as usual, ready for action. Yup, she's just like me... Cute... All that, and smarts too!

Mommy changed the tree. Well, about time! The easter eggs dropped off, and rubber duckies all dressed up ready for summer action appeared! We have pirate duckies (male and female), luau duckies, scuba duckies, beach duckies... And to make sure they are all playing safe, we have heroe duckies! My, those are really cute! (But not as Ash or me, of course).

This is one of my favorite dresses, white and blue. I love this dress. Everyone compliments me on it. It brings out the blue in my eyes... I know... Wow, and it also goes with my face mask! Talk about accesorizing!

Well, breathing is an exhausting task for me... I can't believe mommy would actually hint at me napping all the time. That is not true. I only nap once or twice a day... OMG! Where are the producers? Take this picture outta here!

See, this is more like it. Yup, I LOVE the Wonder Pets. I think there should be a whole TV station dedicated to them... and a musical in Broadway... Yup. And a whole big store of stuff about them. Ming Ming, I LOVE YOU!!!!! Linny, YOU ROCK! And took, GIMME A HUG!!!

Here's Daddy reading to me at night. Granny Edna sent me some books that I'm putting to good use. I love books! Especially when Mommy and Daddy do the puppet shows that compliment them. They make me smile a lot!

And here is a close-up so people think I'm insane like DrEvil or something... Mom!!!! Sheez, where are the producers when you need them?!

Well, anyway... What is new? Now I have a new nurse for the second shift, three days of the week, Mon-Wed. She is very very tall! And very very gentle. She seems to be a good choice for the evenings. She reads to me, plays with the flash cards... You know, low impact afternoons... much needed as my dear NurseMisheila drains me with so many activities during the day! Mommy and Daddy likes that, but geesh, give me a break! Exercises, cards, switch toys, more exercises, treatment, more cards... Learning, learning, learning... Can't they see I'm still a baby? Come on! For Thu and Fri we are still on trial with another nurse. We'll see how that turns out. She seems to be nice too. And after all that is settled, then the weekends will be assessed.

Nothing else of note... Pat passed by, Ellen passed by, Evelyn passed by... All are the therapists. Most were sick earlier... So I'm glad summer is here. To shake off those bad bugs!!!

I thank God for the simple, happy days. I need to gather my strength so I accomplish much more! Little by little... The teamwork around me is really working. I keep praying for those kids that have been sick, and those who have gone through operations to make their lives better. And I pray that God grants us kids and our parents plenty of courage and strength to keep on battling as we do every day... Amen.


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Sky said...

ok She is getting so big! I love the ducky tree too cute, I still can not get over how much she has grown! Hugs Sheila and Sky