Monday, May 11, 2009


Here's a small scrapbook about our Mother's day. Enjoy!

Although Mommy woke up a bit late (5pm) we managed to surprise her with good food and being all dressed up. Yup, she had to dress up too. I love these small gatherings! Catch a glimpse of my red shoes!

Here I am with Mommy. Yup, I am getting a big too big for her to hold me for long... Nevertheless it always feels so good when someone hugs or holds you! I get nervous when I'm not in the safety of my stroller or in my crib, but I know Mommy and Daddy hold me tight!

Oh, of course Daddy had to be silly! The day would not be complete without him making me smile. It is always fun to grab his nose (hard to miss!).

Here I am, being stalked by a crazy pirate puppet... Sheesh!!! He is always hanging around, all the time. Yup, that is the embodiment of my Godfather, Sti!

Am I lovely or what? I look good in this dress. I selected it from the bunch, I wanted to be pretty to surprise Mommy. She loved how I looked... Divalicious!

Here's Mommy and Daddy and even Ash. We all made sure that she would smile. We have many happy moments.

And here we are, the three of us... I love my family. We are always together, and we make things work. It shows. :)

Now,to a small recap on everything that happened since my last post! Well, last week was very slow... Mommy was focused on her programming course as she had a final project due on Friday, and so Daddy was taking care of me for most of the time. I love when he does. He's so silly! He always makes me smile. This weekend was Mother's day, so we secretly planned a nice meal of Mofongo for Mommy. We all dressed up, prepared the living room for the special occasion, and pigged out with the food! I may have only smelled it, but at least I tasted a bit of mango ice cream that Mommy put in my lips. Yummy!

Timing was not so right, and the microwave oven collapse under the stress... rest in peace... Daddy had to get a new one today, hope it arrives soon... Something always happens!

Besides all that, this week we will have some visitors. Hope that the team gets back into action!

I thank God for giving me such a good Mommy. I also give thanks for my grannies and my great great granny... I know they all love me so, and are always praying for me. I wish I could see them and give them a big hug... I know that we all have to be patient, and deal with things day by day. I keep hope that soon we will be able to go back to the island, where friends and family surrounds us. Being so far is almost like being exiled... At least love has no boundaries. I miss you Millie, Gladys and Edna! Hugs and good wishes to you all! May God help you, protect you and give you the strength to wait for my return. May God keep on blessing my life with so much love and caring. Amen.

PS Hey, Godfather! Mommy took a pic of me and the small vodu doll that represents you! Did you found yourself in the scrapbooks? :) I don't forget the people I love. Kissy kissy to you too. Hugssss!!!

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