Thursday, April 30, 2009


Mommy woke up being busy today. She spent the whole morning working on a detailed letter of medical necessity so I can get the right bed. Hopefully that will work. She sent it to my doctor, and now we are waiting for the outcome. Hopefully this will setup things so the Medicaid doctor stops being confused.

In the afternoon, we got a call that a new nurse was coming. Well, she arrived a bit late because she got lost. But strangely enough, something about her made Mommy get off the computer and go into my room to actually meet her better. Seems she got a good vibe, one of those 6th sense things she gets sometimes. Well, so far from what I heard (yup, I was feigning being busy with my Wonderpets but oh, I was listening to everything!), seems this one may be a keeper. I have the feeling Mommy and Daddy liked her. One thing is certain, I would really like to meet Yu. I’ve heard so much about him! I hope Carlitos don‘t get jealous back in the island.

Tomorrow, one of my favorite PT’s will come early. Boy, is she in for a surprise! NurseMisheila has been making me practice using the switch with my butterfly and even the monkey for the whole week! Yup, that Misheila is insane. She sings, she reads and reads and reads, shows me the flash cards, makes me move… Doesn’t she get I just wanna watch my shows? Gosh! Now I am forced to cut back on my precious hobby… What the world is coming to!

This has been a happy-go-lucky week. I even got some chinese orange sandals and a nice printed dress… Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it! I also got a Wonderpets t-shirt! That was the icing of the cake! They make me so happy… Each night before going to sleep, Mommy tucks me in with my three pillow-friends (Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming too). Yup, and then she reads me an awesome book where they go and help baby animals go to sleep. Yup, they sleep too… So we all go to sleep, and dream about adventures and teamwork! Yup, we are soooooo brainwashed! And we all love it. Mommy sings the song, and Daddy, and yup, me too!

It’s the little things in life that makes it so much worth it!

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