Sunday, April 19, 2009


A picture says a thousand words. Deedee seems to have some serious business in her mind... What is she plotting?

Of course Girls Rule! Deeva knows, and so she calls forth her charm to rule the world!

Deeva doesn't like to go to sleep... She knows that before catching Z's she must get her night respiratory therapy... She tries to ignore Mommy and Daddy, but they already know her tricks.

Deedee, our little diva... Lovely in white, a precious gift sent to us so our lives would be filled with joy and purpose.

A princess! Yes, but not just a princess... Deedee is a very intelligent, independent, outgoing, assertive, demanding, and stunning princess!

Well.. Duh! Of course this is cute stuff. It is our Deeva! And we love her and pray for her and do everything we can to make her happy. Our little miracle...


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