Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Latest Checkup: DrBach

Yesterday went to see DrBach as I had a checkup appointment. The transporting/ambulance team arrived just in time and were surprised to see me seated in the stroller. I was about to get my feed, but that had to be postponed. No biggie, I was not THAT hungry. The day looked a bit murky, but it was ok. I strained to look out the ambulance's window. So many houses! So many things moving! So many things to discover! I wish we could make many stops so I coud actually get to enjoy every view... Oh, well... We arrived at the offices building, and then a small adventure took place. We played Where's Doc? Yup, somehow we lost track of where we had to go, and oddly enough the people in other offices had no idea of where the NIV center was... or who DrBach was... Incredible... In the end we finally got a hold on him, and went to the 3rd floor.

We immediately went on to my appointment, no time to waste. This time Lou and a lady from MDA were there. Everyone keeps on being surprised by my beauty and my growth. Yes, I'm just 20 months... Yes, I have bewitching eyes. Yes, I am very smart. And yes, oddly enough I am able to do little BIG things like breathing on my own for short periods of time (like 4-9 hours, depending on my mood and on the weather). Lou went on to test my breathing volume rate, which was at 100. Everyone was very happy about that. While DrBach talked with Daddy, Mommy talked with the MDA lady (Megan, the program coordinator). Oddly enough turns out that of everything Mommy has filled up, she didn't fill up a registration with MDA. So Megan will do that and send information later on (just like FSMA). From what she told Mommy, sounds like FSMA has done an outstanding job at giving the services that MDA offer as well. I guess that's why it didn't occur to Mommy to enroll me in MDA. Well, the more options, the merrier. So that's done too. The visit ended in a happy tone, until next appointment in 6 months.

It was sprinkling a light rain on the way back home. I was looking sleepy, and almost fell asleep. Upon arrival, and being placed in the stroller, I knew that I would have my food and my favorite show on TV, so the sleep spell went away. I watched a prehistoric animals documentary (loved the otter ancestor!) and then Pinky Dinky Doo. The afternoon ended, night came up and finally I was catching some Z's in my crib. I'm happy things are working out little by little. Today I just had my behavior specialist visiting me. Tomorrow the family psychologist will pass by (mainly to talk with Mommy and Daddy). And on Thursday is my next outing: Children's Specialized. I'm going to have a hip X-ray to see how my hip bones are (to see if I FINALLY get a Stander), and then to checkup with the pediatrician to weight me and to see what she has to say about the medical bed that I need.

God keeps looking out for me, sending so many guardian angels! Life is good.


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