Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today we went to Children's Specialized. I got a hip X-ray done, as I needed this to actually move forward to get a stander. Well, that was done, I'm more radioactive than ever. DrArmento showed them to Mommy and Daddy. Yup, I have the typical displaced hips you can expect with low muscle tone. Do not worry too much, it is what we expected anyway, it is normal on SMA kids. Nothing else besides that, so everyone should feel confident in moving forward towards getting my stander. The doctor just told us I have to stand like a super heroe (or military person at ease) so i have no problems. Piece of cake! (Oh, of course he doesn't know my secret identities as Wonder baby and Super Baby! Shhhhhh).

DrVelickovich, the pediatrician, checked up my weight and my ears. I'm perfect, thank you very much. Lungs are clear, and it is evident that my people take good care of me. Yay!

Tomorrow my people will call the Technology Center to move on with the wheelchair thinguie, and the stander thinguie. We are also in the process of getting the medical bed I need for my overall care (yes, I'm sinking in my crib and it doesn't help in anything at all!).

NurseMisheila seemed a bit sick yesterday and today, so Daddy dismissed her both days. Hopefully she will be completely well tomorrow, I miss her sillyness.

And that's exactly how it all hapenned... The End. :)

Oh... I almost forgot! OMG! Yesterday there was a Wonder Pets premiere! They saved the Lockness Monster! Way Cool! I got so excited! Well, me and my people! This show is so awesome! You gotta watch it! Really!

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