Sunday, June 14, 2009


So, here I am, in the living room, thinking "Hey, I have a BIG idea... What if I could have a taste of divalicious funkyness?". And using my psychic powers, I compelled Mommy to do something to my hair... Who knew? Now we actually match. Well, Mommy's hair is red, and mine has pink, but you get the idea. Am I fabulous or what?

This past week went away REALLY fast. I don't know what's going on... Well, among all things... I've been reinforced into Spanish as mommy is reading my flash cards almost everyday. She wants me to be as bilingual as she is... She keeps saying "spanish is for poetry". So, nurses teach me English, and she teaches Spanish. Do I have a words salad in my brain? You bet! Animals here, animals there... In the farm or at el Morro.

The week had no newsflash. It was all quiet and nice. Some hot days made me have to stay in my room, but then the coldest days allows me out. This week no therapist passed by. I've been doing well, and the main focus of the week has been putting my arms in the custom swing that daddy built, to help me enhance some arm/hand movements. The weekdays are great with the nurses that are coming Mon-Fri. I guess that's why days are flying: I'm having too much fun.

I've been chilling in the weekend. AuntieVangie sent me some cool stuff, and everything fits just right! I feel like a "fashionista" lately, wearing all these pretty dresses. Love this hearts dress, cool and comfy. We are all so happy, as we got news about the electric bed. It got approved. Now to wait for it. Hopefully will be here before Christmas! :P

I'm asking God to help so many kids that are not so lucky as I am, kids that are waiting for a family. So many are nameless, but others have names: Paul, Julianna, Christopher and Ariel. Special needs kids are often abandoned... It is very sad. They need love too, and so many people forget about them... Well, I don't. I pray to God that someday there won't be any abandoned kids left alone in nursing homes.

I also pray that the cure for SMA is found soon, so many angels can actually stay here on Earth, and grow up giving so much needed love to everyone. I know prayers are powerful... That's why I am alive. Let's pray for health and happiness, and for peace.

A new day, a new chance to truly live. And to share love.


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Monica English said...

Love the pink hair! Love it! Tabitha with her pink skull tattoos and Deedee with her pink hair definitely need to get together for a day of sassy, divalicious fun. They might have to fight over the TV programs, though. Tabitha's completely entranced with Johnny and the Sprites right now.