Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Summer is here, and I am really enjoying it. I can't get out to the living room as often as I would because it is a bit hot for me (yes, anything beyond 85 is hot for me, I am a heated oven like Daddy). Nevertheless, I manage to stay in my crib being placed in different positions thanks to pillows and wedges.

Between Mommy and Daddy's creativity and the nurses's follow up I have been getting some new skills! Yup. Now I am listening to the Wonder pets in Spanish. Wow, it took Mommy forever to figure that one out... Las Mascotas Maravilla sound really weird... It uses Spanish from Chile... but it is cool. After all, I have to learn to speak my main language!

So, it is intensive learning drills with the Spanish Wonder Pets, and then the Spanish animals flash cards, and the Spanish clothing flash cards. They even got me an English-Spanish pictionay! Come on, people, get a grip! I'm not even two years old!

I have also been hanging around... literally. Everyday they hang my right arm, then my left arm. I know, the main idea is to get me to move something. sometimes I do, sometimes think about it... All in all I like this hanging business. I get to practice with the MicroLight Switch and my butterfly and my smashing monkey.

Last week I was a rocking success with my pink hair. I gotta give the look a break, so this week I'm into being a pineapple. I like to have my hair as if it were exploding. Just keeping things fun!

Last Sunday was Father's Day. Mommy prepared a special dinner for Daddy, and we all got to be in the comfy big bed while watching my show. Wow, that was a delight! I love the big bed! And all the cushions! And the A/C and all things hanging in the ceiling! It is a whole new world that I love to revisit from time to time... Erm, well, I could stay here if they stay in my crib, no problem!:)

Today the technology lady from early Intervention passed by to give Mommy some information about eye controlled switches, and to take the mouse so it is converted (for later computer use). When the wheelchair arrives (hopefully soon) then Mommy will go full throttle on exploring those...

The Speech Therapist is scheduled for tomorrow, and I hoe to see my PT and my OT soon. This week won't have too much hassles. And so far, I am doing great. NurseMesheila noted that I was dripping too thin because of the humidifier... It had not occurred to us we actually began using it in full winter, because of the cold, and with this hot climate that is not necessary. So now my numbers are more like they used to... not perfect but getting there!

And so, that has been my latest adventures. No big dramas, and everything flowing smoothly... I love it when a plan comes together! God always takes care of me, sooner or later He shows off! :)

A big prayer for all those sick kids, for the ones that earned their wings, and for all of those who have no home. May God look over all of them as well. Amen!

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