Friday, July 3, 2009


As you may notice, my diary has a new look. Out with the hearts, in with the flower power! Things move fast in my life, so now the blog moves as fast as I do. Wheeeeeeeeee!

So... What's new? Well, I have been listening to my Wonder pets in Spanish, getting intensive flash cards learning drills, and keeping up with my daily routines. I have been making it clear that I want to be in my controlled environment (my room). The heat outside is too much when you have to do breathing workouts as I do, so I rather do everything in the comfiness of my crib.

Last week everyone came, almost at the same time. The PT, the OT, the Speech therapist... We are all trying to bring more ideas of what else can be done for me, but right now it is all stuck. I need my wheelchair so I can advance even more! Hopefully it will arrive sooner than I expect, as I can barely fit in the stroller. sometimes I need to go out in the wagon, positioning myself with a wedge on it, as the heat and the positioning doesn't help me when it comes to the stroller. I guess that one will soon return to its owner. It was great while it lasted. On the brighter side, at least the bed should arrive in August. Just in time for my birthday!

Last Thursday daddy was really upset as my MicroLight switch appeared with a broken cable. We have no idea how that happened, hopefully it can be repaired... It is ironic that just when we get the adapted computer mouse to try the switch with it, and just when we returned the loaned switch to the library, now we don't have the switch... Something always happens. Anyway, at least the mouse is here as well as game programs just for me (thanks to Tracy and her "people"). I know that the switch thing is a problem whose solution is in process. Hopefully the computer will help me communicate and learn even more, even faster.

This week Pat came with a new take on helping me increase eye gaze coordination/decision making with my eyes. She brought foamy shapes, and Mommy and Daddy put them together showcasing shapes. When placed in a board, and highlighted by a flashlight, I follow the light. Yup, Pat was pleased to see that I do pick up really fast on what I have to do. Well, I know I have many skills that they don't even suspect, but unleashing them so everyone can see I have them is the difficult task in itself. I get frustrated... But I don't give up.

I have been feeling good and very happy. I've been smiling a lot, and being attentive to my therapists and nurses. what I do enjoy most is when there is no one else around, and it is just Mommy and Daddy and me. My favorite thing is to be placed on their bed, it is so soft and comfy! Watching movies all together is so much fun! Nothing can feel as good as having their attention. And I definitively know how to do that, making them run on an instant, and then smirking. I love you Daddy! I love you Mommy!

Today, Mommy braided my hair with the pink extensions, so I'm divalicious for the weekend. Next week will have even more excitement as I'll visit the SMA center on Tuesday and then the ophtalmologist on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the center, so I can explore more OC and PT options. What I need to plan now is an appointment to see a dentist. Those upper teeth need to be checked up.

July arrived so fast! In just one more month I will reach the 2-year milestone. It is incredible, and amazing, all the things that happened ever since I was born until now. Time is running out, and each day I can truly give testimony of being so blessed and having so much love in my life! And it all is just getting started!

God: Thank you for the gift of Life, for my ever vigilant Mommy and Daddy, for my Godparents that never forget me, for family and friends both seen and unknown. You have sent many angels to help me out, and to perform so much work in Your behalf! Please help all of those who are ill or lonely. This time I ask you to grant healing for Ally, so she and her mommy can go home soon. And for all of those who have earned their wings, grant them peace and eternal happiness rejoicing in your presence as well as grant serenity, courage and peace to the ones that stay here on Earth. Help us all become better by doing better. Take care of us, always. In You I always trust, my Good Shepherd.


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Love the pink ponytails!
Wishing you guys a wonderful Fourth of July.