Sunday, July 26, 2009


It upsets me greatly that my main minion has not been updating my blog for the last two weeks. What she thinks is more important? Studying? Please! I am the most important thing, the main priority. You hear me? Me, the Deeva! How else can my followers know about my exciting life? About my great achievements! Geesh! Bad, bad, bad!

Ok, enough scolding. Let’s see where I can start… Oh, yes… I have heard some rumors about a gathering in Sunday, August 16… They think I don’t know, when in reality I am the one using my brainy powers to control what I want! Of course, shhhh! It’s a secret! I’ll let Mommyslave think she’s the one planning things out. I will have my special day celebration mainly broadcasting me live, so everyone can enjoy a bit of my charm and presence. Here in NJ, we will have a small gathering… Back at home friends and family will gather to celebrate me! Yes, the “bash” is really over there…

Hopefully a few good people may be able to come over to my NJ dwelling. Crossing my fingers so it happens… It is hard when you want to celebrate a milestone that is so important in the BIG way, but you don’t really have family and friends around you… Luckily I trust the cyber-word will save the day as it did last year. Mommy and Daddy are all about technology… well, I can see why.

The past two weeks have been… hot. When I say hot, I mean REALLY hot. I even had to stop enjoying being outside in the living room, having to be confined to my room or the other room just because they have A/C. The good thing is that I have been doing great: Great saturation, great heartrate. The bad thing is that I can’t stand the heat… I sweat too much and it’s just un-divalike. So, I do the sacrifice, stay in my crib… do my exercises from bed… play and read and watch my favorite show… Yup, getting pampered is not as easy as it sounds, really!

I’ve been getting constant nice caring pampering from NurseMashaila, NursePeronette, and NurseTiti. For the weekends I have preferred to be just with mommy and daddy, simply to take a break from so many strangers in the house and spend some cool quality time as family. Awwwww… Can you feel the love? Yup, and that’s exactly how it happens.

Therapists have been visiting at a slower pace than before… They finally acknowledged that yes, I can follow a light pointing at shapes… I know my shapes. Get it? Next step: Practicing more clicking using the mouse and computer games… There is not much advancement because I don’t have my special wheelchair yet. The good news is that I heard a rumor about a final fitting in August… so that may be my lucky day! It would be the best way to start the month! I look forward to visiting the Aquarium. I have heard so much about it, and I just love fishes! But first I need the wheelchair so I can actually go out. It is official: I outgrew completely the loaned stroller. No appropriate stroller, no adventures… When I get to the living room is mainly using the wagon. It is comfy, but a bit hard to control (when being rolled).

All in all, these have been happy days. Everyday something good and positive happens to me. Mommy has been reading to me this weird book in Spanish that has some crazy stuff. The tales are creative, but definitively out of the box. Ok, so I like them… And each story has a purpose, or tells you a creative origin for something… I learned why cats and dogs are not friends, and how a mean giant became the first mosquito. Great stuff!

Today I was going to have an outing, an actual FUN outing (the first one since we got to this place)… But the plans melted away as time passed too quickly and I need to stick to some routines for my own good. I was a bit disappointed, I wanted to see new places… but well, I forgot about everything as soon as I had my food. I actually fall asleep for a while… Guess mommy and daddy where right. I woke up in time for my night treatment… They were happy as at least someone delivered GREAT FOOD for them (and you know what mommy says: It’s all about the food!).

As my birthday approaches, I see how many blessings I have and I am humbled. People that I don’t really know care for me and pray for me. People that I know miss me and remember me all the time. My path in life started out rough… And even in the roughness I see that it all makes me stronger, that everything that has happened to me has a bigger, deeper purpose. I can make people see the miracles of everyday, wonder about them all, and be amazed by the little details that everyone else in their everyday rush misses. Once someone told me that the loveliest flower blooms in adversity. Here I am.

God: Keep walking with me, carrying me in your arms. Your breath strengthens me, brings me courage and hope. Protect everyone who touches my life, and let them see the miracles You give us everyday without expecting anything back… and let them all learn that THAT is the way for true happiness. Help so many that have no shelter, no food, no family, no friends, and no dreams. Let so many lost souls find their way. Thank you for my constant blessings. My life is yours to keep.

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