Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The weekend went on being uneventful. We celebrated the 4th of July dressing up for the occassion and enjoying a good dinner. We all watched some cartoons and make the most of the simplest pleasures in life that most take for granted.

This has been a positive events week. During Monday I got ready for the next busy days, resting and surrendering to some spa pampering. NursePerinette and Mommy braided my hair, so my pinkish alter ego is back. Gosh, I am really liking this look.

On Tuesday I had my appointment at the SMA Clinic in the Columbia University in New York. I dressed up, and was ready for action. The trip over there was a breeze. This time I had a wacky, crazy, fun entourage. I was quite amused with the tales about motorcycles, about people, and just enjoying the view to the road. I don't get out much, so I really like to look outside the window pane. I love the movement, and feeling the bumps of the street... It is so fun when the ambulance goes up and down! (Yes, I go everywhere in the ambulance, I need to be in a stretcher since I cannot sit down... but hey, the best part is that I get to be comfy with pillows all around me!). We arrived a bit early, so we did not have to rush too much. We went on to the 5th floor, and soon a lady assigned a room for me... big enough for all of us. Yup, I have quite an entourage... Mommy, Daddy, my nurse, the paramedics, their nurse... It is really nice having all this attention. :)

Anyway, the physician and the neurologist saw me, and then the PT and their adaptive technologies person, and the nutritionist. The pulmonologist was not there but I didn't need one (Dr.Bach saw me in April, so no biggie). We got some contacts that we need to check out along with Tracy's contacts so we explore my gaze selection possibilities. That is what will be the focus now. Everyone was happy to see me doing so well. And so, that trip went to an end. We arrived back home and we all celebrated with Popeye's chicken (ok, I celebrated with Elecare, but you get the idea). I was too tired, I had an instant nap.

Today, NurseMisheila woke me up to do the whole respiratory session and bath on time. We were expecting the ambulance again. This time we headed to Belleville, to fulfill an appointment with the ophtalmologist, Dr.Wagner. Wow! We were impressed with the fast and nice service. I had to be plugged outside, and then the assistant doctors came and surrounded me. They did everything there. I got some drops in my eyes, and everything became so blurred! They said that my eyes had been "dilated", and that my sight would be fine in a few hours... I was completely clueles... And I even got a bit worried... But Mommy and Daddy kept talking to me, so I knew I would not be in trouble. Half an hour later, the doctor arrived, checked my eyes up, and assured us that my eyes were doing fine. He mentioned later on I may be a bit near sighted, but that for now things are ok. The slight tremmors in the eyes are due to my lack of muscle control, nothing else. And with that, we went back home.

I listened to some music, watched a Princess sing along, and then had a nice nap. All this excitement is taxing, so rest is mandatory. I know the rest of the week will flow smoothly. So... easy... chilling... learning... and enjoying priceless times with my beloved family. Life is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!


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