Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Wow! Monday was pretty unremarkable, but Tuesday! Oh, my! Tuesday was definitively AWESOME! THIS IS SEWIOUS!!! What started out as a normal day gave some signals of some excitement around mid morning. TherapistPat and TherapistCarol called up, so it was certain they were coming. NurseMasheila gave me my morning treatment, bathed me and dressed me up with my favorite shirt, the flower power Wonderpets set that I love (It must have been an omen! Wow!). I was ready for action! My mask was off as I had enough energy for breathing on my own long enough so therapies would go well. As we awaited midday, the mail guy appeared with a box… A big, BIG box, addressed to me!!!Mommy and Daddy were puzzled, but when they read the label they started jumping around very excited. I heard them saying it was for me, but I could only peek through the curtain of my bedroom door. Then I heard some ripping, some “aww’s” and some choking up… Gosh, was it something good? Something bad? Come on, people… Even my nurse grew concerned! I beeped a bit so they would remember that, yup… I heard them… And that I was getting impatient to know what the commotion was about.

Next thing I knew Mommy came into the room with all these books… and Daddy brought in egg-shaped plush dolls… of Linny, Tuck… and Ming-Ming!!! My eyes glued to the infamous duckling, as Daddy placed them around me. He happily made funny voices, as Mommy also began showing me the books. Wow! These were no ordinary books! They had sounds! And songs! And voices! And Ming-Ming! Oh DEAR!!!! I got so excited about it! And then they showed me a card, that had my heroes on the cover. Inside, some silly cartoons, and good wishes from my friends at Little Airplane! Can you believe it? Wow! It goes with the saying that surprises come when you least expect! I was shocked! Delighted! I just couldn’t believe my eyes! It felt like Xmas all over! Thank you, guys! You’ve just "saved my day"!!! Early birthday presents! Thank you so much!!!

TherapistPat arrived just when all the goodies where being unveiled to me. So, she wasted no time, and immediately put the books to good use. I was delighted with the book with textures, and the peeking dinosaurs! Pat realized that I was really paying attention to her, unlike other sessions. Well… Duh! After she left, TherapistCarol came in. To my surprise, she brought some goodies too. She got me two adapted toys so I can keep practicing my switch skills. So I didn’t disappoint her, and practice with the switch. I think they may get the impression I preferred the fan… the truth is that with so much excitement I got hot. Yup, heart going faster, being so happy with so many new things… It is not everyday that this happens! All made me quite tired, so I needed my mask and took a “calm excitement” nap.

Here's a video of me, in the crib, surrounded by my best friends!

If you look closely, you will see my smile (yup, I can still smile on my right side, and hopefully with more intense therapy the full smile will be back soon!).

I woke up later on, after NursePeronette had arrived. She put on the Ollie’s slumber Party DVD, and we had a BLAST! These are all new episodes of my favorite friends! Mommy and Daddy joined us, and we had some fun thanks to the red shoes and the baby monster! Wow! I wish there were more days like this! Everyone around me, running to be at my side but to share happiness!

Sleeptime came with the second therapy session, and then I fell asleep. All my old friends and new friends surrounded me, guarding me… An unexpected day ended… And I feel so good, because it was a day that made all of us truly happy, forgetting worries! At least for one day! Yes, Tuesday was one GRRRRRRREAT day!

God: Thank You for letting us feel You through so many people that shares their love. Thanks for your blessings, for friends and family, for life. This time I will ask you to take care of a little friend of mine, Sarahi, who is at the hospital… She is so little, only 8 months old, yet she is so full of life! Help her, give her and her parents courage and strength of will, let them go home soon.


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Dyani (and sometimes family) said...

I found your blog while looking for pics of the Wonder Pets. Your little girl is beautiful and your fight for her to live a happy healthy life is just as beautiful! I hope for nothing but the best for you & yours!