Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Last week was exhausting! I went to Helen Hayes Rehab on Monday to try out another communication device, and after recuperating from that long trip to NY we all went on Wednesday to the Adventure Aquarium at Camden, NJ. Again, just like the Zoo trip, I had no idea of what was going to happen. I was surprised by an early bath by NurseMashaela, then a super feeding. Then NursePeronette appeared as well, and as I was placed in the parachute-like thinguie (the security straps for car travel) I started suspecting something big was going on. We all got in the car, me in the back flanked by Daddy and Mashaela… I am getting the feel for whenever I am in a tight setting I am going to a fun place… whenever I am in a comfy stretcher I am going to an ouchy place (doctors appointments).

Anyway… I got really worried as time passed by and nothing happened. I heard some rumors of being lost… (How can you get lost with a GPS?)… Three hours and a chicken sandwich later, we finally reached the surprise destination: The Aquarium. The fun began at the waiting line, where Daddy scared a baby. We went inside the big building, and I went into a trance. Wow! I felt as if I were back home! There was this big room with a beach setting, just like Playa Santa! And there were stingrays and fishes and jellyfishes… I loved it! I saw all the families of the cast from Finding Nemo… brothers and sisters and cousins of Dory, clown fishes in anemones, the silver fishes schools… even Bruce cousins! I loved the shark tank! And I touched a starfish! I tell you, I was trying not to blink so I wouldn’t miss anything. I didn’t fall asleep until I saw that everyone went for a burger. I knew then that the adventure was over. The trip home was long, too… I slept on the way, and then had the rest of the week to recuperate and keep replaying the whole adventure in my mind! I’ve been watching Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid non-stop for days, of course. Have I got a Sea Fever or what!

So, I can’t say the year ended without me going out for fun. Hopefully, this is a new tradition that will stick for years to come. I gotta keep away from hospitals so this keeps happening. Gotta keep praying hard, so God grant me health, so I can enjoy happy times with all of those whom I love, and who love me so much. Christmas is finally here! And I really feel it! Thank you, God, for so many blessings! Amen!


Monica English said...

I remember taking Taleah to the Aquarium in Chicago. Fishies are so perfect for SMA princesses. So glad you had a good time.

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a great timeat the aquarium!