Friday, March 26, 2010

1st VISIT to the DENTIST

Hello everyone! Mommy has been busy handling so many appointments because of my new sibling (If you want to read about my new sibling please visit the blog A New Mage in the Family: Chronicles of a Spellbound Baby), so updates where on hold. Weeks are getting a lot busier between my appointments and Mommy’s appointments… It is all very exhausting! Anyway, here are the news for what’s been up with me.

On March 18th I had my very first dentist checkup. I was happy to go out in such a lovely day (finally the snow melted!) and I was blessed with having the same ambulance team that really gets me. We arrived at UMDNJ and waited a little while outside. The building looked a bit spooky, not like the others I’m used to go… People, you need more light! An old friend was nearby and could only stop to say hello from far, my photographer from the Little Heroes Project. Mommy did not recognize her right away, as she needs new glasses, and felt quite bad about that. Anyway, after a small wait a young doctor arrived to interview us and get my history. Then we were taken inside.

They kept me in the ambulance stretcher, and checked up my teeth and gums. Yay, Mommy and Daddy and NurseMashaela have been doing an outstanding job! My teeth were cavity free and very very clean. Since I already take vitamins with fluoride and have good dental hygiene there was nothing else to do. Daddy’s main concern about my two front teeth was dismissed for now (they were coming out when I was intubated last year in Spring, so they completely came out while I was in the hospital and were crooked because of the tube). My lower jaw is a bit over the upper one, because the upper one gets all the pressure from my bi-pap masks, but for now that is not a big issue. So, I’ve got a brand new Winnie the Pooh toothbrush and a tasty dental paste. It was a nice day with uneventful trips. Upon arriving home I had quite a long nap!

GOD: Thank you so much for all the people that help me, and constantly give me so much love! I am truly blessed!


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