Tuesday, March 9, 2010


February went by without any commotions. My therapists have been coming and going, and I have been showing quite some attitude. Sometimes I pay attention, other times I simply don't feel like it. I have been a bit moody... The latest snow storm almost made me sick, but thanks to my flu and Sinagis shots nothing went beyond constant respiratory therapy and preventive care at home (gotta love Daddy and his dedication to me... he REALLY makes sure that nothing hinders my breathing!).

Last week a loan of a sensor-touch switch arrived, and it has been much better than the Microlight (which has been quite frustrating for me as I don't have much strength to activate the clicker right now... I do sometimes, but after much effort and I end up sleeping after loosing interest, or being very mad and annoyed).

Today had an appointment to see Dr.Bach and Lou. They were quite surprised to see how big I've got, and happy they haven't seen me in a whole year. They liked the mask that I am using during the day and covered some of its holes to optimize my breathing. My vent settings were 20 breaths per minute, 18 of pressure with sensitivity of 1, and they changed it to 16 breaths per minute, 22 pressure, with sensitivity of 2. So far so good. I also got a ESG test.

On our way back, a crazy guy crossed from side to side in front of the ambulance. We had to make a sudden stop, and it was quite scary, but no one was harmed. The guy just parked as if he didn't notice what he did... Some people are incredible, huh? Mommy ended up with a strong migraine and was off duty for the rest of the afternoon and night. Me... I simply kept on being happy, enjoying my Wonder Pets, and then having a nice nap. The night treatment went on smoothly.

This week promises to be a crazy busy week for Mommy and Daddy. Also, my beloved Auntie Gladys's Birthday is on Thursday! I hope I can get to be there virtually by phone. Godparents, pictures please! :)

God: Thank you for so many things that little by little You've let me accomplish. Thanks for helping all of us, and protecting us and guiding us through the high tides. Take care of anyone who desperately needs You, and let healing and love become a reality in or world. Keep us in Your hands. This week, I have a small favor to ask: Keep on giving Auntie the strength to carry on, let her be well so she can live many many more years... so she can move with us as soon as we get well established. I get sad when I think of Auntie beeing all alone in the island, but then I know You are always with her, making sure that she is allright... Grant her that birthday wish, that all of us will be together again. Amen.

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