Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meeting Scuba Santa at the Acuarium!

On Tuesday, we made it to the Adventure Aquarium at Camden, and we all had a blast! Since I would not have class on Tuesday, we made the perfect comeback after two years! And the bonus was that I got to meet Santa! Can you believe this? That was awesome! He was scuba diving with an elf in the shark tank! Talk about being a daredevil! This is a day I will never forget! Here is the pictography, so you all can share my day! Enjoy!

Entering the coral reef

Life beneath a "mangle" (how much I miss home...)

Tropical fishies

Animals in the mangrove

Shark maws

School of fishies

Another coral reef shot

Willie the Alligator (16 feet long, 550 pounds)

Me touching a starfish

Me and Daddy

Santa saying hi to us!

Santa and Elf scuba diving

Kali enjoys the show

The shark tank theater

Santa's chair

With Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (who happens to be very polite!)


Two troublesome hippos

Kali loved the hippo's fishies

The sea is an immense dessert where man is never alone

Kali stalking more fishies


Mommy and Kali in awe

Shark ate Kali and Daddy...

Family at the shark tunnel

Daddy enjoying the sharks

Friendly sharks crossing

Kali ate food...

Me with Mommy while eating my lunch

Kali is done... Time to go home.

It was cold... But what a beautiful day!

Nurse Mashaelia smiling and ready to suction!

Philly in the back

Me, traveling in style! And more wrapped than a burrito!

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