Saturday, May 19, 2012


Ready to be surprised
  Oh Dear! Today I touched a tarantula and a millipede, and had a close encounter with a scorpion and an exotic roach! I guess all of these will go to my “1st time” list. Today Daddy woke me up early (something very strange on a Saturday), saying that he had a special treat for me.  He glammed me up, Mommy got Kali ready, and off we went to the road! I was just happy to go out, the day was beautiful! It was a nice surprise watching so many trees instead of buildings… and Daddy kept driving and driving. Mommy was a bit upset because of his driving, and Kali was very quiet (she was eating up some corn chips). We arrived to our destination, which turned out to be Insectropolis. Mommy found it ironic that a pest control company is also there. Actually they are the owners and sponsors of the insect museum. Who knew?

Exotic roach

Scorpion glowing in blacklight

Touching the millipede

Touching the tarantula
So… I went in straight into a small show and tell that was happening as we arrived. The guy in charge of the insects went through all groups so kids could touch the creatures he was showing off. Some kids ran away from everything. Not me! Although I was not into touching the exotic roach, or the scorpion (which glow under blacklight, way cool!), I was ok with touching the millipede (after all I had touched worms thanks to my teacher)… but I was especially thrilled to touch the spider! It was an immediate yes when Mommy asked me if I wanted to touch it. So soft! So beautiful! I really liked the tarantula, I hope Mommy can get me one as a pet.

Aedes Aegypti: Presente!

After the show and tell we went on to explore the museum. As we got into the insects “theory” and charts I took a break from it all with a nice catnap. Daddy was drooling over all the weird insects in there. I woke up just in time as we arrived at the butterfly exhibit area. Now that’s what I love! Wow! So many butterflies! I had not thought about how they change colors depending on where on earth they are… Butterflies from the desert have colors from brown hues. The ones from the rainforests are so vivid and colorful! I was sad that there were no live butterflies, but Mommy told me that for live butterflies we need to visit a butterfly nursery… and she happens to know of one. So maybe that will be our next adventure!

Ant farm

Bee hive

We loved the insect museum. Daddy said we have to go back but earlier so I get to enjoy everything, maybe getting a science tour so I get a class about it all. That should be interesting. All this past two weeks I’ve been learning about the butterfly life cycle… and that adds up to what I already learned about bees and ants and worms! I have some amazing things to tell to my teacher on Monday! Now, back to my scheduled programming…

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