Friday, June 8, 2012

In the Pool & Chillin'

Summer is finally here! And I am so glad, because that means pool time! This year we have a new bigger pool. Love the space, now I can really move in it!My OT and PT sessions emphasizing arm, hand, fingers, legs and feet control are paying off. Sometimes the right-left commands confuse me a bit, but get it straight right away. I love being in the water, it is so relaxing! This was a perfect afternoon!

I am also spending more quality time with my little sister. Every now and then she invades my room and actually sits down to watch whatever I am watching. As long as she doesn't pull my cables, all is cool. Here's a sneak peak of one of those rare moments when she stays put and we can both share the same videos, in peace!

The past two weeks have been a bit troublesome in terms of some services... I've heard Mommy and Daddy not being too happy while speaking in the phone... Insurance woes, then therapists woes, then agencies woes... even doctors woes. Wow! Why people just don't do their job and make Earth a happier place? I know I do my job, and I always get a nice big sticker as a reward. Perhaps Mommy and Daddy should get some stickers and give them to people whenever they do a good job, so they feel as good as I do. Hmmm... I will definitively suggest this idea to Mommy.

I am happy I finally have a SLP. She is awesome. So far she makes me feel as good as my favorite teacher. I hope she gets to stay, she reminds me of all the ladies I see in the videos that I like so much (you know, the book readings... I LOVE them!). I hope that for Summer school and for Fall I keep the mighty team that I have. I am learning so much, and I am showing all the hard work that the sessions demand really pay off. I'm moving a little, but my goal is to move a lot. You will see! If God helps me (and I'm sure He always do so) I will surprise many people even more... Just watch and be my eye witnesses.

So... All in all I am counting my blessings and hoping all my plans come together. I hope that after all struggles I can finally enjoy simple happy moments and the fruits of my hard labor. Hey, I study and work hard, so I deserve some off time! I'm looking forward for the end of classes break... I heard that dinosaurs have come to NJ and are staying nearby! I also heard something about a very long bridge! And of course I am looking forward to the museum afternoons... I hope all the friends I made last year are there again. I really miss everyone.

GOD: Thank You for allowing Shannon, Carter and Mary to go back home safe and sound. Please keep them safe, and help all other kids struggling with illnesses and injuries. Thank You for all the blessings you keep sending my way. I am so humbled by the way You take care of me and my family. Thanks for showing Your love for me constantly, and for all the miracles You perform daily in my life... and in the lives of so many friends and family! You are truly amazing! Amen.

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