Monday, June 25, 2012

My PK Graduation & 1st Movie Outing!

June came in with many things going on... I am glad that there are so many things to look for in the future, and that I have been blessed with so many good people around me that makes things happen! Days are getting busier and busier... I am really looking forward to the days of school break that will end after the 4th of July.

Last week, my teacher got in touch with the school to which I am suppossed to belong (remember that I get home-bound instruction). The principal was happy to include me in the graduation! Imagine my surprise last Thursday when I got all dressed up to go out... and ended up visiting a school!

The little celebration meant so much to me! At least now I know there's actually something to look forward after so much daily hard work. I just thought that making crafts and learning about the world, animals and things were just things for kicks... Now I know that it all actually matters, and that people actually take notice of all I have done!

I was so surprised by so many people congratulating me and expressing their happiness and love for me... even people that didn't know me! My heart almost skipped a beat when I heard my name! I felt a big sense of being proud of myself when I got to hold the diploma. I know Mommy and Daddy were all smiles, and they constantly told me how proud they are for all I have achieved. It was a very special experience that I intend to repeat next year. Just wait and see!

The day was very hot, so I had to rush home and not follow through with something special that Mommy & Daddy had plan... But they told me not to fret, as next week they will give me the big surprise. Talk about being mysterious! I was just glad to be back home in my "controlled environment". My skin went back to being itself (I was turned into a lobster by the heat!) and I relaxed. Going out excite me, but it is also very tiring... I did not miss my OT session, and afterwards I got to have a loooong well deserved nap.

On Friday Mommy was very busy, as my little sister Kalisto had her birthday coming up during the weekend. I was cool about it, I know I have to share Mommy... And besides, Mr.Farina came in to read me about dinosaurs... and then I had my cycle workout. My PT and OT came in to fill-up the afternoon. I have quite a busy schedule... I was happy to finally be able to watch a movie in the evening. I need more relax time.

The weekend featured two big events: My sister's birthday, and my 1st outing to the movies! I was quite surprised when Daddy prepped me up on Sunday afternoon and said we were going to the movie theater! I had no idea of what that meant. I mean... I know what a theater is... I was on stage last year... But, a movie theater? Well, I went, I saw, I enjoyed, and I came back to talk about it. I saw Brave! I had seen some shorts about it during the week, and I had told Mommy I wanted to see it... I just never expected to see it in such a big screen! It was humongous! Gigantic! Titanic! Yup, big. In the beginning the whole thing was not too convincing for me, but after a short nap I woke up and actually enjoyed the story. In the end I told Mommy that yes, I liked it. And I definitively want to repeat the visit... Animations and comfy cozy environment always get my two thumbs up!

So... Weekend is over, and now I am to face the official last day of school, and some medical appointments for the week. This train makes only short stops... it keeps running and running, and making me feel so happy to be alive! I love learning. I love thrills. I love animals. I love planting. I love reading. I love singing. I love Mommy. I love Daddy. I love my friends. I love life!

Thank you, God, for my life. It is not easy, and I get frustrated, but I know that without the bad the good wouldn't shine so bright... And wow, how everything shines right now! It is all awesome. I am never giving up!

Here's the short video of when I was called and I grabbed my precious diploma. It was really hot as a heat wave was going on and there was no A/C in the auditorium (or at least it didn't felt like it was on). The principal of the school, Mr. Carlo, gave me the diploma. I tried to put on my best face, but the heat had me looking like a lobster and I was wiped-out! At least I managed a smize! Enjoy!

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