Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking Among Dinosaurs!

This week has been far out! Yesterday I had my last PK4 class, in which I learned a lot about dinosaurs. My teacher also gave me a certificate for all my good job. I am ready to tackle Summer learning and then Kinder! I know he is so proud of everything that I have accomplished! And really, he has been the stepping stone for my academic foundation... From the first day that he came to my house, he believed in me. He has treated me all this time with kindness and understanding, as well as he has seen beyond my physical limitations. He knows I have a brain, and I know how to use it. He has fed my thirst for learning so many things about the world that surrounds me! And hopefully he will get to witness even more accomplishments. Thank you for everything, Mr.Farina! See you in two weeks!

Today Mommy and Daddy gave me a BIG surprise! My grandpeople wanted me to celebrate my graduation, as well as they wanted to celebrate my little sister Kali's birthday, so they sponsored a trip to see dinosaurs in a special zoo! This zoo is called Field Station: Dinosaurs! Wow! I had been blasted with dinosaur information and movies since last Friday, but I had no idea that I was going to witness live dinosaurs... And they are humongous!

Here are some pictures of my trip. Enjoy!

First encounter

This one moved that neck like a snake!

Right next to my sister

Info for the big neck guy

Another info station

I think this one is herbivorous

This one looks mad!

With Mommy

Those horns look quite sharp

Mommy checking on me

More info

A campsite!

Info station

Bold Daddy!

That winged one is awesome!

Almost as awesome as me!

Kali and Daddy

Feeding the T-Rex

Hah! I almost missed this one!

More info

Ok.. I stayed away as far as I could from this one

Info, and more info... I thought school was over!

Ok, I'll admit I liked listening to the explanations

This one reminded me of an alien! And is quite tall!

More info, of course

Kali takes a break (Thank you Crayola station for precious moments of silence!)

Mommy convincing Kali not to join the dinosaurs

I think someone was stalking us...

No stalkers. Much better!

And so, I can actually say that I walked among dinosaurs! It was quite an enjoyable day, breezy and sunny. Mommy put some sunscreen lotion on my face just in case, I tend to burn quite fast under the sun. I had a short nap under some trees, and I definitively loved the scenery. The locals are quite loud, some may seem scary... But I was not scared. And I am proud to report that my little sister was not scared either. Actually, she wanted to join the small ones with the sharp teeth! She kept screaming because Mommy would not let her go into the wild...

After a day filled with excitement I went home, had a nap, and watched Dinosaur. Now I'm just relaxing and waiting for my last treatment of the day... I am beat, and gotta rest. From what I hear, I will get my eyes checked up tomorrow. I'll definitively have some dinosaur dreams! Thank you Grandma Edna and GreatGrandma Gladys! This was definitively fun!

God: Thank you for keeping me safe during my adventure today, and for allowing a great break from my routine. I count my blessings and keep hope and belief that many good things are in the horizon, waiting for me to reach them. Help me go on, so I can prove to the world that I can do anything. Amen.

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