Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp & School: 1st Week

Ok, so I am redefining what it means to make time for everything. I have to say I am very excited for all I am doing, but I also cannot lie... I am exhausted! And it is just Week 1. But it is a good exhausted, mind you...

This week Camp Jr at the Newark Museum began. I've been quite upset that classes were supposed to begin the other week, and that didn't happen. I also expected that all the talk about the camp was going down the drain, but no. At midday Daddy prepared me to go out, and then my journey back to the museum began! At least that definitively made my day. I said hello again to Mrs. Melody, and there is a new pair of twins this year (and one of the girls reminds me so much of my bff last year). All the kiddos seem so young, but half of them are my age. I am a giant compared to them! It is a bit weird that I keep seeing everyone is almost half my size. I am not overweight, and I am quite healthy. Mommy talks about the giants in her family, so I have to believe her... no other explanation whatsoever.

Anyway, the first day went on getting everyone accustomed to the afternoon schedule. It was a nice day. On Tuesday things followed through with the master plan, and we went to the Planetarium and saw a Sesame Street movie about the moon and the stars and how you see it all from China (at least that's what I remember the most). On Wednesday we went to the Auditorium to watch some movies... Mommy told me they were “fables” and that that was the reason animals spoke and there was a moral at the end of the story. I liked the one about the rabbit that wouldn't go into her house because a big animal was inside, scaring her. And it was the tiny little turtle who saved the day... maybe Tuck's cousin?

Thursday was quite eventful! The morning was “Party Time”. My favorite teacher, my favorite OT and my PT were here! I got a bit lost at first trying to dig everything that went on... I just know I was in 7th Heaven! Having my favorite people around at the same time made my day. Mommy is not too happy about it, she says I need to focus my attention to further goals... whatever she means by that... I just know I had a blast! I was quite content and awake when I went to camp, and over there the arts and crafts session kept on. I just love doing all these things, there's nothing like getting all this attention! I just wonder what happened with my speech teacher... She keeps on being missing in action. Oh, well, her loss...

On Friday the party kept going with my teacher and OT. I went on to camp and basically we wrapped up everything we started in the week and that was incomplete. I'm completing this cool scrapbook about myself and how I look, where I live and what food I like (I may not eat but I have tasted many things). When I arrived home I went straight to bed... This first week really was tiresome... but it was so cool!

Saturday was a breezy day. OT Roze came in, and then I went to stay for a while in Mommy's room. It was too hot outside, and Mommy just took some books and read them to me, starting with the Tooth Fairy book since I lost another tooth! This time the Tooth Fairy left me $5. I am getting good dough for my teeth! At this pace I will become a millionaire soon! After that she read me Brave, and Daddy read me Puss in Boots. Then we had a small mute film session, old style movie viewing (Mommy said that's what she used to do when she was little, play with a ViewMaster and a reel of things...). Hmm... I don't know... I think I prefer animation more than pictures in sequence. Really... Less boring. Sunday was movie day. I watched many movies about animals. Yes, I decided to give the princesses a break... So, I reminisce about Finding Nemo and Bolt... and of course Lion King.

So... I am ready to face my new week of adventure! Hopefully it won't have drama, just action and plain old fun. I am tired of people screaming and fighting for me... I think maybe the real problem is that everyone is in a vacation state of mind... or are very tired because of the heat. Hey, it is Summer after all!

God: Thank you for all the blessings and the miracles that you perform around me. Please help us so we can keep moving in the right direction, so I can achieve big things for my family, and so my little sister can grow safe and sound. Sometimes I feel concerned and a bit scared when I hear the things people say about where I live... God, protect everyone who touches my life one way or another. May the good prevail and thrive in peace and justice. Help Mommy and Daddy find a new place to live, and new people that actually make their lives (and my life) less complicated. Amen!

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