Friday, July 20, 2012

Camp Week 2: Celebrating the Person

This week went away in a blink! Between crafts and classes and running everywhere time was quite in a constraint... but all was fun! On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had my classes during the morning, a hefty four hour marathon! And I loved it! For Thursday and Friday I woke up at the same time anyway so I would be able to complete my crafts for the camp (yup, camp gives me homework... everything they do during the mornings I complete at home... I truly earn my fun!).

On Wednesday I went to an appointment to meet some people who perform alternative therapies (hippotherapy and aquatic therapy among other therapies, cool stuff!). I amazed my parents as the PT that I met held me sitting up straight... and I mean completely straight, for more than 15 minutes. I was concerned at first, as Daddy is always the one who carries me and holds me like that... but the magic happened and I definitively trusted this lady. Although things were left for discussion, turns out I will return to this place to take on a new phase for my life: Setting me on physical motion! Details later on... Now, back to camp.

This is one of the walls for PERSON. By the way, can you find awesome me in that group of people on the wall? I know, the pigtails give me away. Those are all depictions of the other little persons that are in my group this year. Each one of us got a giant person and through the week we worked on it so we made sure to learn everything about our body parts and what makes each one of us special and unique. Me, I have my big bright eyes! And of course my normal accessories: pigtails and giant nose piercing (ok, I hope I didn't said that too loud because Mommy would get quite upset if she finds out the true story). And I am standing. Yes, I am standing. It is definitively the perfect depiction of me! This is how I see myself.

So, here is proof of the Return of the Diva to the stage! After a whole year, I am back to take part of this camp, especially to participate in my favorite activity! Who knows, I may have to balance animation and acting when I grow up. For now, baby steps. I am just warming up... Here, my class performed a Tribal Circle. I stayed at the center, taking on the mantle of the chief. Oh, I really hate that I left my headpiece at home... I just realized I could have worn last year's... Oh, well. The show must go on!

The kids and my teachers went round and round around me while the kids followed and also beat some small drums. I was just focusing on not holding my breath (in my case that could really be a bad thing). I looked at each one of them, and I was quite comforted by the fact that this simple thing makes me feel I really belong. The other kids look at me and are unafraid. It is funny how much adults twist things...

Here my peers are doing the ritualistic dance. Some are recovering from going round and round... I keep focus on not skipping a breath. This was my first performance of 2012, and I didn't intend to spoil it!

The last circle of drum beating and dance finally arrived. Exhaustion was evident, and it was time to close the act. The kids followed our teachers out of the stage, all satisfied with their performance and certain that a reward awaited on our classroom's hallway.

And of course, I followed. Mommy makes sure of that. Fast and furiously, I run away from the stage and get ready to enjoy the latest fruits of my labor. I reached Daddy, who recorded everything while Kali clapped and screamed... I wonder if she is my own personal groupie (maybe the kid has potential after all). Daddy was quite excited, and Mommy was quite happy too. All is well that ends well.

Here is a shot of the moment I am about to be placed on the stairs lift of the auditorium. Mommy has to straighten my wheelchair as up as I can tolerate so I fit well. I was so energized and happy about the play that I did not fuss about anything. After reaching the classroom I picked up my science project (sugar squares and shapes), my photo square (which I painted all by myself thank-you very much!), and my little person. Cookies, juice, and off to the street! The week is over, and I am going to get a well deserved nap! And tomorrow, to visit an old friend who never fails me...

Here's a video of my class's drum dance mayhem. Enjoy!

GOD: Thank you for allowing me to be fine and endure so much work! I am giving it all my 100%, I know that I can do anything because You give me strength. I always feel you around me and inside my heart. I have no fear, and I know there are many more miracles laying ahead of me. I trust You, and I am so happy to say that You are not only my savior, but also my best friend. Help and bless so many that need You, lift sadness from their hearts and place a mantle of serenity and peace over them, so they can endure and evolve... Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Kali and friends, and for anyone who has touched my life. Thanks for watching my every breath... Amen!  

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