Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bronx Zoo

This past weekend we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was a beautiful chilly sunny day. We could not have asked for a much better way to browse such a big place! It was all filled with slopes that reminded me of Busch Gardens... but Mommy did not give up and braved the ups and downs with a big smile.

I was ready for action: Cool sunglasses, my farm friends at my fingertips, and the breeze making my hair move as if it was a long whip!

This small waterfall greets the entrance of the zoo. The whole place seems surreal in the middle of the city... Beautiful trees surrounded us, and birds seem to chant a happy song... This really reminded me of my home back in Hormigueros...

We went into a place that was all about birds. We saw many dioramas with live birds, and then some walls with the stages of eggs and then fledglings. Cool stuff.

Here we observed some deer brazing by the river. All was so peaceful, and so nice!

At this moment my sister was a bit sleepy, and everyone was happy about it. We enjoyed the silence while it lasted...

I saw the big white polar bear. I think it needed more icy stuff, he looked a bit sad...

My sister decided to walk... and she walked and walked and walked. At least that seems to make her happy. She enjoys nau\ture as much as I do.

This was a lovely place. Some

The giraffes made my day. There were very still, but then started running around almost like dancing. Ostriches joined them with glee. It almost felt as if they put on a show for me.

We watched the Dora 4D feature, and then went into the Mouse House. Loved it! So many types of rodents! The giant one looked scary, but almost all the other types looked cute... Just that, would not like these in my home. No way!

Most dioramas are ready for Halloween. So we all took a moment to take the mandatory family picture. I liked better the house with the Boo... This little pumpkin guy would not scare a mouse.

We made it just in time into the Butterfly House. Only a few butterflies remained awake and flying around, most were already resting in the ceiling wired fence. All in all, just the trail and the flowers make this place seem very magical.

There is even a pond filled with giant koi! I definitively loved that!

The pond is to my left... Behind me is a beautiful trail with flowers and butterflies... I wish I could have stayed longer, but time was running out.

Here is a nice view of the koi pond. This is something I would love to have at home.

On our way out of the butterfly place there is this iron sculpture. The sun did not let Mommy take details... but the idea should do.

My sister went behind one of the butterfly-kid mock-ups... And here she is, a pretty Zebra Butterfly.

And as we were to leave, agents from Hera found out Mommy was around and so they started coming out to haunt her. What is it with peacocks and Mommy? They always appear to follow her whenever she goes to a zoo... Well, at least this was the last event of the day. Soon after, we were back home... getting ready for a new week.

GOD: Thank you for so many good memories. This year has been running like the wind! I can't believe all the things that I have been able to do, thanks to so many wonderful people! I hope I can keep showing the world that I can do anything through the strength that you give me and my will to keep working hard for my goals. Help me open the minds and hearts of so many that are yet to know me. Make me an instrument of Your peace, and help me accomplish the important tasks that You have set me to do. Take good care of my new friend Amina, who should be back home in Miami right now... Bless her as much as You have blessed me, fill her life with love, peace and happiness. Carry all of us in Your arms, now and forever. Amen. 

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