Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Pasta Night!

This weekend I went to the Family Pasta Night, a fundraiser from the Joseph Lillo SMA Foundation! It was at the Robbins Reef Yacht Club. And guess what? I was the guest of honor! I had no idea! Now that was a surprise. I had fun enjoying the view to the port. I also got the chance to meet many special people that made me feel welcome and at home. Ah, this is the way weekends should always be! Breezing, chilling, and with positive people around you.

The ride was fairly short. I was fussing a bit since I get so impatient whenever I get to my wheelchair and I have to wait until my sister decides to cooperate... But once we are actually on the road I just dig the ride.

The day started out very chilly, but it got more tolerable. My sister looked like a pink gnome... LOL But after a while of running free she got warmed up and ready to let go of the polkadots.

I got to the deck and stayed there for a while, enjoying the view. There where big ships on the other side... On our side, the yatch port looked quite inviting and peaceful.

While I enjoyed the silence, Kali took a break from her tantrums and had fun painting in her coloring book.

Aww, it almost makes you forget her screaming... I tell you, every time she has a meltdown I get so nervous! I feel bad I can do nothing to help her stay calm and happy... Yes, I love her very much.

This is a last shot before the night came in. Mommy and daddy took us into the gathering place and we stayed there for a while. Boy, was that a feast! Music, food, prizes, you name it! Everywhere I looked I saw people having fun, all in name of the cause! Sweet!

The night came in, and I took a last stroll to admire the port lights. Awesome! It looks so different!

I just love how the lights look as if it was a big fire on the other side... The sky was clear... It is sad that we cannot see stars from here... That would have been something... but at least I am happy with this. It was a nice, peaceful view.

Daddy picked up a big rope! He is so silly. That was quite short, what can you do with something like that?

We all got ready to go home. I posed with my sister and Daddy...

And then I posed with Mommy. Yup, she rarely appears in pictures, because she is usually who takes them.

And we made it home, safe and sound. I was quite tired, I just wanted to sleep!

By the way, take a look at my shoes... Are they divafying or what. This was a pair from a whole bunch that another SMA family sent me a few weeks ago. Thank you so much Princess Courtney! They are a perfect fit, and they rock!

So... This was my adventure for this weekend. These past days have been quite eventful and filled with appointments... and the next two weeks promise to be even more crowded! So, I'll take a break and rest for what is left of the weekend... I have such a hectic schedule it is just not funny! But... I'm loving it.

God: Thank you for all the blessings and the promise of a new day. Thank you for allowing me to meet more good people, and for allowing me to touch their hearts. I am happy to see that I matter, and that although I may not speak, people are hearing my voice. Keep making my will strong and my faith stronger. Carry me in Your arms, and help me be an instrument to fulfill Your big plan. Amen.

Deuteronomy 31:6 "Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”

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