Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sesame Place Halloween Spooktacular

Thanks to the Variety for Children Foundation I was able to enjoy  an awesome afternoon at Sesame Place! I remembered it well from last Summer... but what a surprise to see everything decked for friendly spooks! There were princesses, faeries, warriors, fraggles... I loved it! Me and my sister joined the fun as pirates! Arrrggggghhh!!!

It is a bit far, so during the way I fall asleep (power bap!) and my sister ate, played, read, screamed, and slept as well.

We arrived around 1:30pm. It is my usual schedule... I am happy that after all my mandatory respiratory care (which takes 2 hours every morning), and then an hour of travel, I arrived to one of the best places around here! Oh, I still recall that VIP Summer day... That's exactly how a diva should be treated, thank you very much!

Mommy was really excited when she realized the whole place was filled with depictions of the Count. Yup, that was predictable... the Count is her favorite Sesame character... I was just upset that the day turned out sunny instead of cloudy... I left my sunglasses at home, and the sunny day was really, really bothering me. For the most time Mommy hovered my pirate hat over me to protect my eyes.

The sun made me appear with my eyes closed in almost every picture... How undivalike! Oh, well... At the very least there was no extreme cold and it turned out to be a very comfortable afternoon. Gotta love the carved pumpkins all around!

I went to see the Countdown to Halloween show. Daddy kept showering all of us with bubbles, and I was just glad that the sun would not hit me during the show.

Mommy wanted to take yet another picture of me... How strange... With flash. How nice... Ugh! The things a diva has to bear!

The show began and my sister was instantly hypnotized. I control myself, but I did get a bit excited about the fairy Abby... and about Zoe... Gimme a mix of magic and dance and I am a happy camper.

It was a nice show. The songs were classics, and catchy of course. I did not nap at any moment, so yes it was quite good. The count is just hilarious.

After the show we were lucky enough to meet the Count in person! He is plain funny... counting Kali... Yes, it is just one tiny terror... And one diva in the room! Me, of course.

I am surprised Mommy did not passed out... What a Count groupie!!! She had a giant smile! We were lucky we met some online friends in person, the Fantel family. Ray's mom took care of taking this family picture, and it was perfect. By the way, Ray turned 4 years old this week!!! Happy b-day!

And of course, after the action, and since my sister insisted on getting on the carrousel, I took a power nap while waiting for her to come back...

The parade took place as my sister was spinning in the carrousel (gosh, the waiting line took almost an hour!), so we missed that one. Mommy was a bit dissapointed, but we figured out how to cheer her up again...

Our next stop was the Count's Un-Haunted Castle Maze. Yup, that lift Mommy's spirits. The place had many dead ends... Well, duh, it was a maze after all... And it had funny stuff... Magic mirrors, talking walls... black and violet pumpkins holding the place together...

There was a fortune telling gigantic trick or treating bag that answered yes or no to your questions. I asked something... And it said no. And then it laughed... I'm still trying to figure out if the fortune was real... or a trick...

My sis had a ball pushing the buttons on the walls. It is funny watching her play, with the unicorn peeking from behind her. If Uni could talk!

There's one black pumpkin. For some strange reason, Kali kept going to each one of them, kneeling and hugging them. Things that make you go hmm...

Here you can see her trying to drag Daddy so she could reach a black pumpkin. My sister is so weird...

I liked this diorama with Oscar. I feel so at home hving him around! I get where he comes from...

From the maze we headed towards the Elmo's World show. The show was packed, so Mommy stayed with me, and Daddy seated with Kali a bit far from us. This time it was not about friends, but about Halloween. Kali went in instant trance mode.

Here's a picture from my point of view... See Daddy and Sis? And the big red one! No, it's not Santa, geesh!

Mommy was too busy with me, and was a bit late when she realized Elmo had hugged Kali. This is exactly when he backed away, as he sang and danced.

Then Mommy tried to capture him showing me the treats pumpkin, but we were too close and she almost beheaded him!

LOL Well, she did behead someone, Pirate Telly Monster. But hey, this guy is just too tall.

There went the infamous trio: Mr. Noodles, Telly Monster and Scarecrow Elmo. Oh, by the way, Elmo explained everything about scarecrows. Cool stuff.

And Kali kept watching her hero until he faded away...

By then it was 5:30pm, and we knew we had to head home. I had a blast, but it was time to go. Never fear... I'll be back!

I had fun, but I definitively was glad to be on my bed. I was so tired! Mommy snapped some pics as she loved my pirate outfit. Well, I know... It is very hard for me not to look good... What can I say, the camera loves me.

Oh, and just to be clear, this is NOT my official costume... Oh, no... This is just a trivial, normal costume for fun and play. For the real day I will don my real costume... Ohhhh, I am so excited! I can't wait! But that one is a secret... For now... I think I will go through some of the costumes I have, and dust them off a bit. This pirate outfit inspired me!

So... The day wrapped up happily. I keep realizing how fortunate I am to get to spend so much time with my crazy family... I see so many people take for granted the small things that spices up life. This is it. I am not taking anything for granted. Life is precious, and each second is wonderful and amazing. I thank God everyday for all I have, for my life, for my family and for everyone who meet me and decide to take me into their heart.

I am at peace if this is as good as it gets. I have it all: I have love all around me, and inside-out.


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You're all amazing :) <3

Anonymous said...

You're all so amazing!~ :'D