Monday, October 8, 2012

Starlight's Boo at the Bronx Zoo

On Saturday afternoon we re-visited the Bronx Zoo as Starlight Foundation hosted an evening of Boo at the Zoo. We arrived a bit late so we focused on the areas that I did not see before: The Children's Zoo area, and the Aquatic Birds area. I had fun (especially with the "chivitos"), learned a lot, and definitively hope to return and see the other areas... The place is so big it ain't funny!

My sister kept running towards the entrance, thinking it was funny... Daddy grabbed her and somehow managed to place her in the prairie dog's tubes. I was trying to avoid the light...

I definitively enjoyed the shaded forest dioramas. Here I am watching the monkeys!

I can't deny I liked this pond. So many ducks! My sis was going crazy saying "quack, quack".

One of mom's favorite animals: A skunk.

Kali stopped running to actually enjoy the turtle. She was quite excited about it. Me, I liked it... but I love my little Turtle Tuck even more.

I am not a fan of snakes, but my sis definitively is... at least if they are behind a thick glass window.

Another turtle... smaller and in a dryer environment...

We reached the area with a horse and a donkey. They minded their own business.

My sis and her goose affair... I heard one pecked her mouth. She was lucky, those birds are so vicious they are used as guardians in some places. And still, she looked for them... Bird kid...

And after the goose came the rooster... She is definitively a bird lover. I prefer milder, bigger animals...

Like these three goats. Now they were simply delightful. Granted, they want food... all the time... but who can question their cute factor?

Hmm... The "chivito" that said hello to me many times. Awww...

Hera's minions appeared out of nowhere, trying to stay concealed but watching Mommy. They always follow her...

This other one was quite open about persuit.

We arrived at the aquatic birds exhibit. The pond outside features many flamingos. Loved them!

Many open dioramas inside the exhibit house. It is fun to see the animals won't get out of their habitats... "Going out there, to the cold hallways where crazy humans wander? No way!".

Mommy is not a bird fan... I only saw her being excited about the snow owl. It's good to see at least she humor us enough so we can have fun with things she's not that crazy about.

Penguins in the cold aviary!!!

This gotta be my favorite bird diorama.

Kali was curious about a spinning wheel with penguin facts, "It's tough to be a penguin".

We reached a big fountain, and just when we were about to go see reptiles a siren filled the air... announcing 5:15pm, get ready to pack and go!

So.. We took our last glance at the fountain and the gorgeous buildings...

And this was the view outside on our way home. I sometimes wonder if people take the time to enjoy God's creation... I know I do. The sun going down looked quite breathtaking!

And so, another adventure came to an end. I was happy to get home, I immediately snoozed off. From what I hear, everyone snoozed off. It was a good day, but exhausting. Now, we had Sun and Mon to recuperate... Today I did not have class (it's Columbus Day). But I did have my OT come in and make me work for a little while.

This new week promises to have many surprises... Wow! I am definitively believing that good things come to those who wait! The Make a Wish people made contact today, so news should be available soon... I am so excited! This year has been beyond special, beyond anything that I imagined that I would be able to do! So many firsts... so much still to accomplish! And I just won't back down. Thank you, God, for allowing me to experience all these things. I know the best is yet to come!

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