Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Diva's Farewell: In Her Homeland

Deirdre, our diva, arrived to Aguadilla, PR at 12:30am on Saturday morning. She took the flight from Newark, NJ at 8:30pm. Mommy and Daddy and Sis were in that flight, too. The voyage home was swift, peaceful and with no incidents. She reached her destination, and soon was ready for her next show... her last show. She kept all details mostly the same, following show-business tradition, but this time some sunflowers also decorated her sleeping place. And this time Mr. Lyon and Beach Ming Ming joined the crew of her faithful friends...

The diva silently welcome friends and family. Slowly but certainly she met in person so many people that have followed her path from the beginning... She watched in glee as so many who constantly prayed for her went to her and kissed her cheeks. Support and love, hope and faith, dreaming and wishes... Each kiss held a different gift that the diva took with a silent smile and eyes filled with happy disbelief.

She imagined herself running through a sunflower field, playfully running and hiding and surprising all who tried to reach her. She imagined herself taking the long trip through a river, facing the river bend and then taking the path less traveled... the path she would discover and make her own. She made her dreams come true in so many unlikely ways! Unpredictable, fickle, innocently brave diva...

She imagined herself as a brave warrioress that would pick the battles that most run away from... She was always willing to sacrifice anything if the cause was worthy. She developed patience and wisdom at such a young age! She knew that working hard earned playing hard... So she would wow the world with her smart sassyness and then go a bit further and show off her skills. You do not need a voice to actually speak up. You do not need to move your body to go places and do stuff.

A five year old has done more than so many people get to do in a lifetime. Her eyes won and melt the hearts of so many... Her deeds were an inspiration to others, and hopefully will go on speaking of who she was and teaching many that nothing is impossible if you believe and fight for your dreams.

Deedee went out to find a way to live, and that she did flawlessly. Her first 3 years were a constant battle to live, but then she was able to reap the fruits of so much hard work. Her world was about creation, art, imagination, beauty, nature, family, and love. She explored, learned, conquered, amazed, enjoyed, dreamed, and really lived.  

The diva remembered all her achievements... She smiled, proud and happy. She knew that all that she was and all that she did meant something. She knew that her followers would not forget her for she had reached their hearts and lived within them forever. She said goodbye silently. She closed her eyes, and a tear took shape from her luscious lashes... She knew that this was farewell... She felt the lights all around her fade to black. She knew that was the cue that the show was about to end... She felt sad, as she had to let go of all she was used to, of her groupies and showbiz razzle-dazzle... But then a surge of love and hope took her beyond the darkness, beyond the people, beyond all things material and unimportant... And she understood that what was to come was the most important journey and adventure that she had ever imagined!

Friends and family, here is a last picture of where the diva's body rests. But do not be sad. The diva is not gone. The diva lives on in each one of you... Her big career change landed her a gig in Heaven. Be wary and alert, hold on to her memory tightly, and put in practice everything that you learned from her... After all, you don't know when she will actually be watching you... Make her proud!


Today is the 1st month since our Diva went to Heaven. It is also Thanksgiving Day. 

We give thanks for the awesome 5 years that she was here on Earth... She brought the best in the worst we could be, she keeps on being our loveliest song, our inspiration. 

We give thanks for God let us know and live true love through her. 

Missing you, my diva. Wishing for you... every moment... every day... Cover us all with your angel wings. We need you so much!

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Anonymous said...

fly free sweet girl love hugs and prayers to you christina gabbie and gavin